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Having problems with adding medals, read up on the wiki but I still do not understand them, anyone has a step by step tutorial on how to create medals?

Previous Update
Ok, after a serious revamp, these are the major changes...

-Player "air time" reduced significantly
-You get a kick ass 4 sec invulnerability shield after being hit (it disappears if you attack)
-Heavy attack has been replaced with a charging up attack, charging for 1 sec = full charge which does maximum damage
-Attack speed of thrust has been increased
-Dash now gives a 25% longer invulnerability

-The beast has a visual prompt before each attack, The beast arches his back before charging. and crouches before suddenly leaping
- The beast recovers from his attacks much slower
-constant attacking of the beast allows you to stun him, sending him to the floor for a short period
- While the beast is charging at you, a FULLY CHARGED cleave attack will send him to the floor INSTANTLY ( high risk, but the rewards are also great)

-Dynamic blood splatter, the damage you do reflects the size of the sprites
-Damage of cleave attack increased to compensate for longer charge times

Finally, Get the beast to attack you(while you dodge his attack), and counter while he recovers

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I have just won the game!

Well, now it's just me

And my worn out reflexes that can't still stand some little coordination, but I pleasantly welcome this new version. NOW it's challenging, hard 'n stuff but not just frustrating like previously seen, so even if I didn't save the church i'll be glad to offer you my 9 in order to encourage you to create somethin' truly awesome and let me handle down a shiny, frost-scented 10

Is better!

this compared well with the previous version is excellent!, shred the bull this time I give 10 stars


Good changes from previous release,i even managed to slay the damn beast! :D

Very good game, add medals if you can couse they will really will blend perfectly with the game ;)


Yeah not bad...has good action and is easy to play good work.

Credits & Info

4.67 / 5.00

Jul 13, 2011
10:44 AM EDT