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UPDATE: Something involving the Flash Ad fucks with the sound on this cartoon too, so I'm probably gonna end up dragging it through Swivel and re-uploading it. This is like the 3rd of my cartoons to have this problem -_-;;

I didn't get to do all I wanted with this, but I hope it disgusts you anyway <3 :3

...like 10 minutes before Robot Day is over lol

Note: The Ad makes the Vcam on the first frame zoom in randomly sometimes on the preloader page. Not sure...why... but just letting you know. Just hide the Flash with NG's "X" button and show it again, should fix it.

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Wow, that was insane! It was pretty hard for me to tell what was going on. It seemed like a sequel. It just seemed like they knew each other well and a story was continuing. Whatever, this was still very nice. I especially love the animation.

I don't know how a robot can get pregnant. You have brought honor to Robot Day. I forgot about that. It's weird having a holiday here that isn't based on any series. Whatever, this was nice and abstract.

Laughing and puking at the same time! Nice work!

ROFL. I Lol'd hard. haha... "no more Human Fetuses, ok?" This was fantastic because it shows off some of our.... deeper fears of having a robot service drone in our homes one day. In a hilarious way. I'm watching more of your stuff after this. :D

OMG, great work even if I feel sorry that I laughed to dead fetus :S

that robot girl is a slut and a hoar