Space Parasite

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Hullo everyone. Kramlack and I made this a while back, but we had no luck in our months-long search for sponsors. So, sponsorless yet no worse-for-wear, we give you Space Parasite. We hope you enjoy it.

If chunky pixels aren't your thing, feel free to skip over this one. Personally, I rather like them

There might be a bug in the tutorial which doesn't let it automatically skip to the next dialogue. If you get confused, just hit A to skip to the next bit, or you can mash it to skip the tutorial altogether (though I don't recommend this since it's pretty short and painless anyway)

Here are some additional instructions if the tutorial doesn't do it for you:

. Use the arrow keys and A or Z or the mouse to navigate menus.
. Move during play with either the arrow keys or the mouse.
. Move the Parasite into an enemy to infect it, and click or hit an arrow key again to destroy that enemy, blasting the Parasite in the specified direction.
. Every 10,000 points, a special enemy will appear if you have selected a powerup. Kill this enemy to activate the selected powerup.
. Kill several enemies without letting the chain drain to rack up a large combo.
. When time runs out, the score is counted up. Try for the highest score in one run. Improve your skills, choose the most effective selection of enemies and powerups, and use the combo system to get higher scores.

Since I'm making tons of games all the time (although usually abandoning them), I appreciate any feedback and criticism you'll give me, which I'll consider for those future games. However, I probably won't change much on this since it's a horse which has been beaten long since it's last breath. I'm aware of a couple reasonably large design flaws already, mostly having to do with the shallowness of the gameplay (click click click click), but if you find it's boring, just appreciate the chunky pixels and the music. I'll do my best do answer any questions posed to me

I did the programming, using Adam Saltsman's Flixel framework. Kramlack did all the pixel art and animations except for the space backgrounds, which were done by Squirrelsquid. Squirrelsquid also did one of the songs, while the other was done by sloopygoop. Check out their respective links in the credits for more info. Also, the initial game design and prototype was done by Sam Morrison. Give them some love, they deserve it


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This is cool =\

It was pretty great...

But I don't understand why there was a tutorial if there was an automatic one when you click play....

Pretty good...

But why does the guy with the power ups always show up like 1 second before the level ends? also it has a bit of lag for me. I tried right clicking and turning the quality to low but that still didn't help any.

andy00black responds:

The powerup dude shows up whenever you get any multiple of 10k points. So, you must be hitting 10k right before time runs out. If you upgrade the time attribute it'll add seconds to the clock, and maybe that will help.

Sorry you're getting lag. There was almost never any lag during testing, but I must have broken something right before uploading because now I get it too, sometimes. I hope it isn't too bothersome

Thanks for playing

Original and fun

This is one of the best flash games I've played in awhile. My suggestion is to add some achievements.

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4.00 / 5.00

Jul 7, 2011
11:15 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional