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Colormixer - Beta

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Author Comments

Adapt your color to the given original by using the primary colors.
Try to be as fast es possible! Resets cost 500 points. There are three rounds to go.

You will get better, soon. Beat your own highscore!
Have fun and success!

Edit: thank you for your c&c!
This is my very first game. Originally it was a work for the german university I am on.
Before I prepared it for newsground the game was seperated in two files, a preloader and the main game.
It worked perfectly! So I have to find the bug. I will also add sound and change few things.
For the moment I will keep this version of the game as a beta and reupload it, when the work is done.
Unfortunately this month I have to do a lot of work for the uni...

It's nice to see you enjoying the game! Stay tuned!
regards, Dennis.

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Good idea

Combining RGB colors to match with the target is a really great idea, but maybe this would be better if it was for example, a minigame for a much larger game, rather than a whole game of just trying to match the target color. The graphics were amazing, and there could've been some music or sound affects since it's currently completely silent. A few more levels would've hurt, i guess.
And by the way, i think the game froze, because when I clicked start, since it went black, and I had to right-click and click play so it would actually work. I'd suggest maybe fixing that.
Overall the game was a good idea, but it could've been better. But, good job anyways :)

JernoBill responds:

I will try to find the bug with the frozen screen.

regards, Dennis.

Well this is awkward...

this has got to be a professional flash that accidentally got uploaded a month before it was finished.

The graphics are flawless and beautiful, but there are only three levels, and there's also no sound. And the game 'froze' or something the first time I tried to click start (game went black), so I had to right click and press play to get it to work.

It's a shame, really; this could have actually been featured like BomBoozle 2, had it included sound, more levels, and all the essentials; in fact, I'm kinda wondering if this is stolen or something... because I've never heard of a game that plays and looks as good as this, and has no sound.

...what were you thinking?

I give a 7/10, with a tip that next time, you should definitely include sound, and debug just a little more, and the game should be a little longer, I shouldn't be able to finish it in 3 minutes. For now, I can only see this coming out of judgement with a 2 or 3 out of 5.

If this is a demo or unfinished, at least put 'Demo' or 'WIP' in the title or commentary. I would love to see this finished

JernoBill responds:

Thank you, your review is very helpful to me!
I edited the description and try to do my best to improve the game.



Combining RGB colors to try and match the target color is an interesting idea. This seems like it would be better a gimmick for a larger game, rather than a main concept, though.

Needs some sound effects, as it's completely silent.

The only thing I didn't really agree with is the reset game mechanic. Keep the time bonus, but I think it may be better to allow the player to adjust the knobs forward and backward, instead of resetting all of them, incurring a penalty. You could perhaps make it so that the less number of adjustments made, the better.

For some reason HSL/HSB came to mind in addition to having RGB, but maybe that might be too hard? (:

Not too engaging game, but I found this interesting nonetheless. As a game programmer myself, I'm sometimes playing around with both RGB and HSB/L. Now, RGBA would be a pain. (:

- Ziro out.

JernoBill responds:

Thank you for your review!
I like the fact, that you can't backward a color because this is what makes it difficult.
But your idea is good too.

HSL/HSB... mh first I wanted to use subtractive colormixing with CMY instead of additive colormixing. But then the LC-Displays have to be canvases and you have to shoot color. The name of the game would have been ColorCannon! Maybe I just do a second part of the game? :)

Regard, Dennis.

Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2011
8:26 PM EDT