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Run (Updated)

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Run And Avoid Spikes At This Very Fun Game!

You Might Be Confused Why It Says Updated.
It Says Updated Because I Added Walls For Those People That Were Trying To Cheat D:<

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good game! 9/10

OK, I guess...

i am going to review this game, but first I would just like to say something. all of the reviews I've read, besides simonp, have not been proper reviews. I mean, TristanCroft, that's OK i guess, even though it's not review, but remember: Review the game, don't just repeat something funny. anyway, onto the review:

The game is simple, and been done before. It could have used some music during the spike-dodging part. also, the graphics are adequate. however, I personally think you need to 'update' the scoring. without scoring, it doesn't really give this game purpose, because you could just say: "Welp, that's the best score, so I don't need to play anymore." but to finish up: it's slightly overdone, has no music and has a fault, of no scoring. not to be mean, but I think that 4 stars does suit it when you think of it's faults.

To Clarify

In the earlier version I wasn't trying to cheat...just pointed out that you could.


It's okay I guess.
Script work very nice and the game in itself work perfectly...

High-score doesn't seem to work, but hey, it doesn't change the game so much... oh yeah, it's for a challenge... yes you go over the game really quick if you have no score to beat...

very cool

i liked the idea of the game and its funny, good work man continue like this!