Bunnykill 5 Part 1

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~~~~~~~~Version 1.1~~~~~~~~
-Replaced the 'coming soon' text at the end with a link to part 2
-Added a cool new blood mist effect on blood splatters.
-Some minor tweaks to animation.

Hey everyone. It's been a while, huh? :)

Due to a lack of memory I had to cut the movie into 2 parts. Don't worry, I won't take another 2 years to finish part 2 since it's practically done already. I'm actually planning on uploading it next month. (EDIT: Okay so apparently it's gonna take a tad bit longer than that. It's getting there though. Sorry for all the delays)

But, for now. Here's Bunnykill 5 part 1 in all of it's glory. I hope you like it.

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage :D

Also, I need to mention something. Some people seem to be confused about the storyline. So here's the deal. The story in the Bunnykill movies is not connected in any way whatsoever. Even though the characters(or their appearance, to be more precise) is the same, the story is always different. Kinda like in the Legend Of Zelda. I hope that clears the confusion as to why some dead characters are back and whatnot.

EDIT2: Rajunen released the soundtrack for download. He had some problems uploading the songs to Audio portal, so here's a Megaupload link instead: http://www.megaupload.com /?d=I6I8U5KS


Can't wait

I will admit, at first I thought it started off a bit slow. But once again, by the end you exceeded my expectations. Can NOT wait for part 2

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very cool...

.... but this has more potential... couldnt the bunnies have facial expressions.. they always look the same... and theres no chick bunnies? .. and i never understood the axes in these bunny kill / madness flashes.. why wuld they arm themselves with just an axe if the rest have high powered guns... just some things but overall great animation

Mottis responds:

The reason they use axes is so the fighting choreography would be more interesting and varied. Watching snowball deflect bullets all day gets boring, so I wanted to add a lot more melee choreography into the movie.

Not bad

Now i liked the animation and the artwork was very nicely done too, but it needs some improving.

1. The clothing:

Now i liked the suit S.W.A.T like bunnys wear and the suit invisible bunnys were are nice too, but that's all. The rest was kinda boring and no likeable. The bunny is going around killing everyone and at the same time is wearing............a skirt? and so are the regular enemy bunnies. I just dont like that. It may not be a skirt, but pants, but it 100% looks like a skirt. Why can't the bunnys wear cool armor or other nice looking clothing? instead most of them including Snowball are wearing boring clothes and.......a skirt.

2. Animation

The animation was pretty good in this one. The movement was very nicely done and i liked the blood animation too. But my favorite was the Invisible Bunny animation, because it looked unique and it's probably pretty hard to animate an invisible, cuz it requies for it to look like air and stuff. Good job!

3. The enemies

Now as i said, i liked the S.W.A.T bunnys very much and the invisible bunnys were pretty cool too. But it needs more enemy types. The regular bunnys, invisible bunnys, and S.W.A.T bunnys is all it has so 3 types? if you don't count in the injected Snowball's friend which i'll get to that part after i review some other stuff.

4. Weapons.

I like SnowBalls sword, but the swords the invisible bunnys had were my favorite. I also like the Rifle and the badass prototype Shotgun Dust had when he was injected was pretty badass too! but it needs more weapons. Would be nice if this had a Machine gun or a Sniper Rifle. I also liked the Electric bats the S.W.A.T. bunnys had. Needs more stuff, but still greatly done.

4. Bosses

This has two boss fights. The invisible bunnys which were awesome. And Dust which was even awesomer, but i want to save the ''Dust fight'' for the last. But Snowball vs Invisible bunnys was an awesome fight.

5. Dust

Dust was probably the epicest part of this flash when he gets injected and goes around killing everyone with badass shotgun thingy, but the HUGE negative thing about it was that Dust the epicest part of this flash was wearing...........a skirt! dude, that was very dissapointing! i mean Injected Dust was awesome, but the kisrt and his clothing ruined it for me. Why didn't you give dust some armor clothing? or atleast something badass looking that would fit him going injected and badass? same goes for Snowball, but Dust wearing boring clothes such as a skirt and purple shirt was a HUGE dissapointment.

So here's what it hink:

Art = 9/10

Animation = 9.5/10

Clothes = 2.5/10

Entertainment = 10/10

as for Smoke character = he looked cool, but you cant have an evil mastermind going around in...........a SKIRT!!!!!! but the glasses were awesome.

I'll give this flash 9/10 and a vote of 5, but PLEASE improve the clothing.

if characters such as Dust, Smoke, and Snowball were wearing clothes like an Armor, a cool fancy suit, or something like invisible bunnyes were wearing this flash would have straight 10 out of 10.

Hope to see part 2 soon.

I will now act like a typical "reviewer"

AND AWESEOMENESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Now that that's over with, very smooth action here, and with well thought out sequences. Especially with the smaller touches like dislodging the sword by firing the attachment . Things like that. Although I have to say, Metal Gear-esque sequences have been well overdone.

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Poor Bunnys

but for those who like it good I guess :/

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