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Solarmax is a fast-paced, streamlined RTS where quick thinking and aggressive moves are rewarded. Your objective in each mission is to destroy the enemy fleet. Click on a planet to select the fleet orbiting it, then click on another planet to move, attack, or colonize. Hold down your mouse over multiple planets to combine fleets.

Shortcut Keys:
Mouse - All Fleet Actions
Q / R / P - Pause Game
Spacebar - Deselect Planets

While Paused:
Q - Back to Main Menu
R - Restart Mission
P / Spacebar - Resume Game


Very impressive

When I started to play this game, when i saw the graphics i was like: "HOLY SHIT THIS EPIC!!". XDDDD

this game is simply great: is has excellent graphics, very well balanced between the system mode and the AI, awesome music, and the design of the gameplay is very atractive it, its so great. :D

It remembers me like the Rise of Nations saga, and you made a new flash version of it, but with a spacewars plot.

in conclusion, an Outstanding game, it has all the features a spectacular and hitting game needs, CONGRATLATIONS 2 THUMBS UP!!

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its a very fun game thats all i have to say

Great Game 1 Glitch

If you time it right and hit the pause button while the pause menu is coming up and you win or lose the game.

The game will be stuck in that screen and the only way to start it up again is to refresh the page.

Everything else was quite fun and I definitely enjoyed beating it thoroughly.

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Amazing Graphics!

Well what can i say other than this has to be one of the best games that i have played in a while. Amazing graphics, music, creative, and interesting.

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Nothing new.

Wow, it's incredible how flash programmers lost their orignality.
And when one of them is original, everyone begin to copy him, restlessly.
This game, is an example of copy.
Yes, it has really awesome graphics and it has a perfect framerate, making it -at least- funny to play.

The sound is only about a background sci-fi song that loops. At least, it is fitting. The sound effects are decent.

This could be a 8/9 star game, but its unoriginality made it a bad game.

And,no, in-game medals and the colonization system don't make it original.

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4.46 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2011
11:47 AM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)