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Physics melon

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Bispose of wooden beams and smash a watermelon on the spikes
Nepoluchilos if possible restart of the equation

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Too Easy

Got throught it in like 10-15 minutes. And the music was annoying. You should make it more challenging


I couldn't get past lvl 7. Other than that, it was a good puzzle game. You should have made thw watermelon go splat! Other than going straight back to the menu screen. I liked it.


I didn't yet solve level 9, seems a bit imba, but the first impression is okay. Though you should have add an animation and sound where the melons hits the spikes instead of instandtly switching to the level select screen. Also you should add another button that restarts the current level rather than just enter the level select screen again.
And I just realized when you mute and unmute the music its volume get raised and the loop is playing only the last seconds...

Been Done to Death

This sort of game has been done time and time again. Unfortunately, this game is far too short, too easy, and too generic to really make it worth playing. It's been done many times before, and better.

Credits & Info

2.25 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2011
3:17 AM EDT