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Inside An Infected Person

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Author Comments

EDIT2: Unknown bug prevents you from playing more than once. Please click the close button and then reset, sorry for the inconvienience!
EDIT: Uploaded a new version which fixed some bugs

This is a revived game (I removed it before, and it was called "InsideAnInfectedPersonSi m"), with much smoother gameplay; the advice provided by our viewers have been taken into count and it's a revised version.

Gameplay Objective
Survive as many waves you can and survive as long as you can!

Pretty basic: Use the arrow keys to move around, and press CONTROL to shoot anti-bodies. There are roughly 5 waves, which will spawn and keep spawning; you have antibodies, a "rampage" (thousands of other white cells) that attack in a wave (usable 3 times) and a buck-single-shot (more power and less antibodies) at your disposal.

I'm the programmer, and the artist...Ozone was on my team but sadly his art never made it to the final versions of this game.

I've given up. Zero voters have cut this thing clean. Scores don't matter anymore, as long as this isn't being judged previously on the score. (The original score was 2.90)

~ Gimmick

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The music was really nice, and it fit the theme very well!
I liked the goal of the game and the concept.
I also though it was nicely put together. I just think it could have used little bit more work on the finishing touches.
I literally laughed when the "rampage" happened. It was great. But it lagged. A lot. You could have put that all onto one movieclip. It would look the same, and would make the lag cut down by... a lot.
I like the inventory and the drawing. You can tell that there was a lot of work in that part.

Good controls, graphics, choice of music, idea, and scripting.
Bad overall put-together.

Love it though! Great job!

LOVED IT!!!!!!!! :D

i gave it 5 picos and 10 stars i liked the all around feel of it?

nice effort, but mediocre.

music: background music was relaxing, and might be suitable in adventure games where you have the chance to take a break without pasuing, but did not fit the game very well. supposedly, there should be a lot action involved in this game, all condensed within a short time frame. you should aim to make the overall atmosphere more tense.

gameplay: one thing i liked was the fact that controls were simple, and instructions were clearly stated. players can get involved in the game firaly shrotly. it may be basic, but it is a must in mini-games like this.

some glitches were found in the game. to name one of them, you can actually proceed to the next level by going off-screen to avoid those bacteria. this matters a lot. you should add a barrier along the edges to prevent people from cheating their way through.

game mechaincs was unsatisfactory. there is an issue with the timer. you shouldn't force the players to wait for the timer to run out before allowing us to move on. suggested changes to the system depends on the games' objective. if the sole purpose is to kill all the enemies on screen, timer is redundant. the number of enemies remaining on screen would be irrelevant if players are simply asked to stay alive. you can keep both of them if players are penalised for not killing all enemies within a specified time period.

the game itself is monotonous partly due to the same level of difficulty in each round. levels should be increasingly difficult. i suggest you assign power to each individual enemy. introducing power ups and stronger enemies at the later levels would be nice. a scoring system based on the number of streaks and shorter levels will probably add more replay value to the game.

additional features that may be included: it is hard to associate the game with our body's natural defense mechanism. there is hardly any difference between any space shooter games and this game, which made it uninteresting. try to make it more special by referring to the characteristics of the immue response. introducing different types of antibodies that work only against a specific bacteria is one possible suggestion.

overall, i appreciate your effort in making this game. however, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Gimmick responds:

ok, thanks! I've stopped updating this game though, I thought of adding the barricade as others suggested, but I can't find the .FLA file :|

ok i guess

they could do better but its not that bad


this is so cheap

Credits & Info

3.72 / 5.00

Jun 28, 2011
9:42 AM EDT