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Intergalactic Battles 3

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Author Comments

Intergalactic Battles is a real-time-strategy game where you build a variety of space fighters to capture planets and defeat the enemy. There is a wide range of maps to play on, large and small, fighting up to 3 intelligent AI opponents. At your repertoire is a large number of fighter classes available to build for some intense Intergalactic Battles!

This is the third release of the game with many bugs fixed, new features and new controls.

Here is a quick reference to the controls:

-Use the W, A, S and D keys to move UP, LEFT, DOWN and RIGHT through the universe.
-Scroll the mouse wheel (or hold down keys E and Q) to zoom in and out of the universe.

Controlling ships
-Hold down SHIFT, whilst clicking down and dragging the mouse to select ships and planets.
-Click to send selected ships to the position of the cursor and deselect the group.
-If you click while holding shift, the ships will be sent to the spot you clicked while remaining selected.
-Press the space bar to deselect all selected ships

Build Ships
-Click the build ships button in the top right hand corner to bring up the "Build Ships" menu

Go through tutorials 1, 2 and 3 for in depth instructions on the game.

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Needs to have sound and music separate. I like playing with sounds...hate playing with background music, especially when it's this annoying.

Love the game, but the music feels very loud and overbearing. Sorry, I have to mute.

Anyone ever play an old Dos Game called STAR REACH? This game very much reminded me of that game and loved every minute of it. The only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars were the ship stats. In this game I need to know the basics

The other details are hard to compare and contrast to other ships. The game play is very fast, and doesnt seem to allow to build larger ships as I tend to win with zerg rushes of smaller fighters. Good call on the increase in prices which makes the player try other ships. At first I didnt like that, but it was needed in a game like this.

Dont worry too much about the graphics, it allows for such mass amounts of ships to be seen and not grind slower computers to a halt.

Thank you for the game.

woops,caps lock,anyway,its a great game.
could use sound effects and more....ehhh..."Spaceish" music,not rock-n-roll.
the graphs are good enough.
i agree with pie about the tutorials.
all in all,great game,keepn up the good work!


Has potential,but the graphics and outlay are very rough. Would suggest having a much more polished menu screen,get rid of the lengthy intro,and find a soundtrack that actually fits the game.I like the music,just doesnt belong here.

Storyline's always help,granted they're not corny and actually somewhat serious.
Would also take the tutorial and just mesh it into one level with 3 parts,the concept of the game is not that hard to understand,trust me.

Not bad though mate,keep working though.

Credits & Info

3.49 / 5.00

Jun 27, 2011
3:13 PM EDT