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Swordfall: Kingdoms

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Swordfall is my attempt at making a strategy game combining some of the best aspects of both turn-based and real-time mechanics. The result has been called a Flash-version of Total War, though it has a number of unique features as well.

Your objective is pretty simple: conquer new territories until you reach the target number of victory-points, and then hold on to your dominant position for five turns. To get there you'll need to recruit great armies, research new technologies, and hire powerful generals to strengthen your forces. Finally, your reflexes and tactical acumen will be tested on the battlefield. Thoughtful use of generals is key. If you send them out carelessly they'll be taken out, and their unique abilities will be lost forever. But when used correctly, generals can turn an otherwise mediocre army into an unstoppable force.

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Germans wont give me a chance ;-;

Awesome game, good strategy and lots of fun to play

Great game I loved it I have never played a strategy game like this one. For other people who played this game I would suggest Alexander which is just like this only your Alexander the great and your trying to conquer Greece.

I really liked the game but as some people said some kingdoms do feel more overpowered then other ones. Germany as a lot of neutral enemies they can conquer, and all the NPC did was mass Horsemen, as England it's quite hard to fight them because my horsemen can't counter theirs. Horsemen first then my archers, they ripped though my horsemen so my archers got destroyed.

Other than that I really enjoyed playing the game.

This is an incredibly addicting game. Superbly designed, this game handles like a dream. Some of the kingdoms seem more overpowered than others, but overall this is still a worthwhile game.

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4.24 / 5.00

Jun 24, 2011
6:59 PM EDT