Animal Shelter Escape

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This is my first escape game inspired by so many great games out there. I've tinkered with flash in previous years so I had my 12 year old daughter (who loves EGs as well) write out the idea and I put the graphics to it. We are working on another one so I hope you like this. Please give productive feedback how to make a better game and don't be too hard me ;). Thanks.
6/25/14 I have uploaded a remake of the game with improvements.


It was okay, but there are some glitches. When I tried to give a candy bar to the raccoon, I couldn't get him to tell me the secret after I gave him the apple.

I like the game but I'm stuck at the pet code part....


i really liked this game, but the raccoon never gave me the information he promised :( its really cool though and id love to see more! :D


I got the candy bar before finding the apple, completely missing an important hint. He wouldn't even tell me after I finally found the apple. Had to restart.

The importance of the candy bar isn't clear to me, either. Why would I want to give it to the racoon? Why don't I actually give it to him? And why would placing it there cause a keycard to pop up? I'm aware that dogs don't have a clear grasp of logics, but this is stretching it a bit.

residentevil750 responds:

LOL. There is logic behind the game... I can only say the flow may have been better with my knowledge of flash being better. Thanks for the comments.

It could use some tidying up

First off, the candy bar seemed very unnecessary. The raccoon didn't do anything for you after you put the candy bar down. The hints for using the panel were fairly straightforward after you had the information from giving him the apple.
It was also very weird how the second key card popped up right after putting the candy bar down.

The combination of the animal photos with background drawings made the whole thing look a bit shoddy. I think it might have looked nicer, more consistent, if you'd drawn out the animals too.

The whole thing was kind of short, I'd have enjoyed it more if there were more puzzles to solve and things to figure out.

I do think the animal escape theme was fairly cute though. I hope you'll keep making these and improving each time.

residentevil750 responds:

Thanks for the comments. I agree it was short (for a first try). Future ones will be longer. I want to do a continuation of this one - what happens as the dog finds his way home.

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Jun 21, 2011
11:15 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click