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Hey ya'll here's a new toon for ya, this time it's from the REVOLUTIONARY AMAZING LA NOIRE that I really don't enjoy playing! Have a good one!


While RedRiot06 was a bit harsh

I must admit as well that this was just as overdone as most of your other stuff. Keep it classy.

That was.... dumb.

I am unavoidably comparing this to JohnnyUtah's recent parody of the same game, his was much funnier and had not only more jokes, but better ones. There really weren't any jokes in this one, you made light of the fact that you can stare at a witness while deciding how to call their testimony, and that he sketches the witnesses... and that was about it. This was really disappointing.


Dude, you're slipping. Compared to your other work, this is shit, 100% grade C shit.


This started out really strong, with a joke actually based on something in the game. Then it went downhill and ended in nonsensical screaming, and a poop joke. Extremely disappointing.

... Lovely isn't it?

You know, many artists are moving away from their roots. You're no exception here. Look, I got to admit, I still love the artwork and the voices. That's what's probably the best you got. But really, the humor slowly dried up. Think about it, all that buildup and we get poop? Literally poop? You resorted to basic childish humor now? What's up man? The first half about the drawings is good and probably you should have joked about how it takes you so damn long just to figure out if the witness is lying or not as well too. Then the other half didn't make any sense to me whatsoever. And well, the whole thing with the chief admiring the drawings was unexpected. I think it would have been better if he was on some crazy fit on how most of the notes are just drawings. That would have been funny.

This was a huge letdown, especially coming from the person who made the awesome series and other great flash animations. Please, I think you need to take a break, and just try to come back to your old self again. This, really isn't like you.

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4.43 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2011
6:14 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody