Left 2 Dead

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You find yourself in the middle of nowhere. Hoards of zombies are slowly crawling towards you. It's been days since you last slept. You feel like giving up. Surrounded. Alone.

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Shotgun + Shotgun = DOUBLE SHOTGUN! And....i hate zombies.


not that great the shooting system is pretty annoying i cant hit a damn thing

not bad, not good, just normal.

The only flaw in game is it's name, while 'left 4 dead' is read as 'left for dead', '2' is read as 'to', so 'left to dead' have no sense, you should named it as 'left 2 die'.

Aiming isn't too bad, and you can see how the bullet works with shotgun so you can get used to it.
Music...there's not too much of it, few notes in the background you barely can hear. Graphic isn't bad, typical for flash game, the game itself eventually start making player bored.
Zombies are slow, you are slow, reloading is slow, it takes time before you get new weapon, and there's nothing other on the ground than zombies, zombies and...zombie bugs...

Something to fix

1)The scrolling for weapons shouldn't cause the entire screen to move.
2)Fix the targeting system, most of the time that I shoot, the shots will ALWAYS land behind the zombies even in an extremely close range

Dzin responds:

1. You can also select weapons by clicking on them, in case if the page that the game is on doesn't support disabling of scrolling from within flash.
2. Targeting system works fine, it's just that it's not linear. You need to aim slightly behind the zombie so that the trajectory of the bullet would go through the body.

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jun 13, 2011
3:40 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional