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Among giants 5 Points

Finish the level Kaldaar.

One Life Remains 5 Points

Finish a level with only one life left.

Shuriken Ballet 5 Points

Finish the level Oxeris.

Agile 10 Points

Gather 50+ orbs

Persistance 10 Points

Finish 15 levels.

The Way of Purity 10 Points

Finish 5 levels without getting hurt.

Enlighted 25 Points

Finish 10 levels without getting hurt.

Stability 25 Points

Finish 30 levels

Vigilance 50 Points

Gather 150+ orbs

Dervish 100 Points

Gather 200+ orbs

True Dervish 100 Points

Finish the last level

Author Comments

Discover trackers, turret beamers, growing spheres and more in the 50+ different levels awaiting to be unlocked.
Be aware : if the game starts smoothly, you will need all your skill before unlocking the ultimate challenge.

Use arrows to move, Enter to select a level.

Enjoy !

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This is the hardest game in the genre I ever played. This is a solid 10/10 difficulty. It's very close in difficulty to IWBTG, maybe harder, due to pace and random nature of the levels.

I give 3.5 stars (4.5 stars for a good, well put game mechanics/sound/graphics, but -1 star for unforgiving difficulty).

I believe different color cubes shoudn't damage the player. Just not being collected was enough.

---Message for players who want to complete the game and get all medals---

To unlock the last level, it requires perfect runs of all previous levels (52 of them, for 4 orbs each, total 208). The last level itself has ALL previous hazards in a greater quantity and goes on for 50 sequences instead of 10. It's so unfair I believe more than half the time to beat the game will be spent at the last level.

If you wish to complete the game, it will bring you to your knees and beat you savagely with a blunt object. You have been warned.

A simple but challenging game. I wish there was a button for you to edit your sensitivity by means of speed when using the arrow keys. But still, its a good game with a nice concept.

Differant and fun

Well, this is another game to take up most of my time over some good time. I'm glad, as I'll really be able to get my teeth into it and understand this from the ground up. You have something differant here, the game is addictive and interesting its kind of hard at some points as you have to really keep tha "BALL" going and when you have to switch into differant phases and colorsit really gets touch, it was fun though and it was alot better then i had expected so nice effort and good game, keep up the unique games you have here. I thought this was a decent flash. I guess I was just expecting something more epic with that But Of course, I have to give you credit for using such cool Elements and ideas. there could be some tad more tings added here and there.

Games are kind of a tricky thing sometimes they need some improvment changes and sometimes they are ok as is, Sometimes all it takes is a few changes even Substituting here or there helps in a big way A small Investment could make for a big project, I wouldnt mind seeing more "FLASHY" effects to give it more visual effects that will push it to some nice effects and stuff like after level get or something

Just one or two things that ruin the fun...

At first it's a very nice game. Though there are not really some sort of instructions, the game is still easy to play. I hoped for a bit harder levels, but that's where I got really disappointed: the levels don't get harder, they just get longer. Instead of some puzzles or a bullet storm kind of game, it became a "search endlessly for one or two squares" game. If you gave an indication where the next square is after a few seconds, it would be fixed. But now it loses its addictiveness after a short while.

There is also not a story, or something else that makes you want to keep playing. The medals are a very nice addition, but a game like this shouldn't focus solely on medals.

Such a shame, because nearly everything else is okay. The idea is fine, and has a twist on other games like this. The graphics are perfect. The abstractness really fits with the game.

I also really liked the idea of the stars on the map shining less brightly if you don't have all orbs there yet. It would be nice if it was explained though.
The map is also a bit unorganized. After a while I had over twenty levels unlocked that I hadn't played yet. It would be nice if there was some sort of indication of how long and/or hard they are.

Fairly interesting game

What I like about this game is that it does give the player a fairly unique experience. It was hard to understand at first. I thought you had to switch colors, but then I realized you could just collect any squares that you wanted. The best part was probably how you managed to go everywhere when the screen gets bigger. It could be a little better paced, but still enjoyable. The graphics were fairly decent.

Another thing I noticed was how the sounds are really cute and it gives you a sense of being in a strange world. It could have more details, but it's still fun to play. I also like how it's presented in this really cool way with all these points. You have shown yourself to be a competant flash maker. Congrats on getting medals.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jun 9, 2011
5:53 PM EDT