WarMachine PART1

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Just some animation I did for fun. Wanted to do a quick battle, no story.


Robot throws rope&knive attachment on end into man

"GET OVER HERE" ~Scorpion

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animation was okay....

but you horribly overdid it with the fight

dynamic fight scene

doesn't anybody else think that he should have died like 10 times during that fight scene?

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special guy there

Since there was no story just fighting I will make a story for it. Long ago robots roamed the land killing things, shooting, and doing other important robot things. Then one day a mudslide hit the robot city trapping the mechanical monsters under tons of dirt and rock. Unfortunately every few weeks one or two of the $^&@! things pops up and starts causing trouble. In walks "Guy" who just recently snagged a meal from a smaller weaker animal (cat, sister, dad, bear, or some other woodland creature) spots the horrific creature that took the lives of many of his friends and turned his computer against him (deleting his precious NG account). Not only is it the fifth one this month but it looks tough as hell. Exasperated he begins his assault on the thing. Forgetting about his robot slaying sword "Guy"(doesn't have a last name) punches the bot square in the head unit. Did it work? Of course not! Unfortunately "Guy" didn't go to school due to the robots blowing it up. :D Oh well...poor guy...

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Pretty dang good

although i feel bad for the robot man the human started the fight and he obviously has supa powas so i hope the robot kills him

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4.29 / 5.00

Jun 5, 2011
8:55 AM EDT