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New version alpha 2!!

Goal: Shoot the Stars

- Pick a weapon
- Move mouse inside the red circle to aim
- And Click to shoot!!

Red Fire weapon destroy best Red border blocks
Blue Water weapon destroy best Blue border blocks
Yellow Lightning weapon destroy best Yellow border blocks

This game is currently a work in progress. Your playing contributes greatly to the Analytics and improving the game!!! Feel free to post and message us your comments, feedback, and any fatal bugs you encounter.

We are still testing our levels editor allowing you to edit stages and play your friends' stages.


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despite all the glitches and w.e its a good game. Just get those things resolved and it can be really good. I like the color coded blocks that break, great addition, I think maybe the next thing to add once you get the bugs sorted out is add moving objects. Like other said the levels can require a alot of skilled thinking to get the stars. like bouncing the bullets off objects which i think was done in the last one. keep it up it can become great.

At this stage just not good enough

Presentation: music is constantly repeating, no sounds, Zero is copyrighted. Game: unclear how to get stars (hit really hard, give certain "amount of damage" ?), you can make your stone disappear by selecting a new weapon (should be fast-forward?).
Looks promising, but have the feeling you can't actually make stages that require a lot of thinking/skill with this concept.
By the way: absolutely no consistent theme.
I'd say fix all the problems and you have a 9 here.

Zoomers responds:

Thanks for your feedback.


As I play, I find that on some levels, when the instructions for the level disappear, instead it goes right to the "congrats you finished the level" screen and plows right on to the next one, I have no opportunity to play the level. This happened a number of times. Instructions aren't clear either, on the second level I hit the star two or three times before I realized I had to hit it harder - I had just gotten the bubble to bump it lightly, not knock it hard across the screen, which apparently does the trick.

Keep up the work, looks like it might be fun. A word of caution, though, as the Megaman-looking character is extremely likely to be under copyright, better create your own guy.

It's okay but..

It could use a little improvement, i mean.. one of my stars even rolled off the map and i couldn't even get it again.
Plus i found about 3 stages skipped, or maybe more than that. I didn't really keep track.

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3.25 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2011
9:22 PM EDT
Skill - Collect