Defiance City Ep. 2

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So, here's the second submission. Hopefully the art has improved since the last movie, but obviously there's a lot of room for improvement still. I appreciate all the feedback people have given me so far, and I'd like to hear what people have to say about this one as well. Hope you enjoy!


Pretty damn good!

The Animation is great! Very smooth!
The only thing i'm not that happy about is the drawing style.
Its not bad or anything. But it needs some work!
Overal this was a great video! Loved the story! The Animation looked great!

Good story, good pacing, good voice acting

There's very little to be critical of in this Flash. You certainly got a style going and it's nice to see something different on NG.

The only thing I would say you should improve on is something art-related, but it's not the animation itself--the transitions are fluid and so is the motion concerning the characters--your perspective is off at times and it throws the feel of the scene away, even if only a little. There's a style to your characters and especially your backgrounds that is good on its own, and I urge you to continue with that style. No, it's not elegant or involved, but it has character and quirks. :D

Another point I can make is the lady's mic has a little bit of hiss left over, which is fairly easy to treat in most audio editing software. I only heard it with my volume up, though, and I had to listen for it for the most part.

Can't wait for episode 3! :D

- Chocolate Soda Productions

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Great pacing

This is really nice, the story seems well thought out and complex enough to be intriguing yet still simple enough to follow. The voice acting is great as are the sound effects. The animation isn't the most amazing thing but it does the job and some parts are really nice. The humour is subtle and proffesional (i especially liked the candles burning out when he made the lame excuse). All in all this seems like a great project and i look forwards to episode three!

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I enjoyed watching this very much!

There was competent voice acting, fair animation, and it had a very nice dramatic atmosphere.

The humor was really subtle, it was nice, but you should play up the appeal of the story to gain popularity,

Great Audio!!

I wasn't a fan of the art, but perfect audio, and neat story. I was honestly suprised with how good the audio was. Absolutely amazing ADR, good editing, and sound design. Only problem was with the ladies voice. Quite a bit of room tone behind her but that's just being critical. I'm favoriting this Artist for sure.

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3.66 / 5.00

Jun 1, 2011
7:30 PM EDT
Comedy - Original