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Copter Deluxe

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Author Comments

Copter Deluxe: Internet's most famous Copter Game now with more themes and fun.

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Compared to the original this is like a hyper-evolved version. :O Fast-paced music, fast-paced levels and an incredibly quick and jumpy copter dynamics. Feels the controls could be a bit smoother, more in tune with gravity, but in the end it is easy to navigate, and the eternal challenge pretty addicting. Nice clone!


Please no more of these games!

No originality. If everyone copied everyone else all
new Grounds would be is a collection of button-pressee chopper games.


no were near as good as the original


You should add an instruction about how to fly (JUST HOLD THE LEFT MOUSE BUTTON, for those who couldnt figur that out)
Furter....it is not a very adventurous game, it gets boring, even though you tried your best improving the graphics along the way (the helicopter, bee and submarine...soz didnt go further then that) and the speed went up, but that is about it.
Even though it is not my type of game i give it a 6/10
Maybe you can make it more of a challance next time, just add more small spaces to move between or something.


The games doesn't run smoothly + eveything looks horribly amateur.