NO GO (8x8 TicTacToe)

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How to Play NOGO 2: Play it like Tic-Tac-Toe on a Go board.
For 2-4 Human Players.

Each human player takes a turn and tries to get more 3-in-a-rows than the other players.

Game is over when all of the internal intersecting lines have a stone on them.

If you get a 3 in a row without any of your other stones touching, that 3 in a row is worth 3 points. 3 in a rows count in any direction and only one overlap of a 3 in a row counts. Regular 3 in a rows of your own that touch any of your other stones only count as 1 point.

Mouse cursor or touchscreen should work for everything.

For 3-4 player games, turns go clockwise (up, right, down, left, up). These games are more difficult.

NOGO 2 (8x8 TicTacToe) is a party board game for 2-4 human players. Great for teachers, parents, and game nights!

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Its alright for a 2 human game.

Next game like No Go 2 but has CPU players would be good....Most of use is by our selfs on the awesome Newgrounds....

xympul responds:

Thank you for your feedback! Much appreciated!

I will see what I can do for updates to this. I will have the board game available soon and wanted to make a demo for people to try out.

I put this in the Gadget category since it really isn't a game exactly.

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May 29, 2011
11:39 PM EDT
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