Space Arcade(the game!)

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Pwn the universe with your tiny ship by playing any level in any order you wish! Grab coins and upgrade your ship in this relaxing shmup!
NOTE to MODERATORS: I know I sent an update earlier today, but that udpate was BAD :( I have to reupdate and I am NOT doing this to bother you or anything. I had no idea NG prevented updates after so many views. Please don't punish me.


Very nice bullet hell space shooter

You've done a great job of putting together an interesting and challenging game. The difficulty curve in the final tier of levels is extreme! It was a little painful grinding for money, but once you found the "cash cow" levels things started shaping up. High level shields and attractors were still out of reach by the end of my game, but maybe I'll come back and grind it out a little more later on.

No medals? That's a shame, because this could really have some nice ones. There is some slow-down between the on-screen enemies and shots, but in a game like that it actually helps a bit. If I had to choose one thing that I found particularly disappointing, it would be that expending cash for Smart Bombs doesn't rid the screen of enemy shots. Of course that just increases the challenge level even more--especially when you're getting mobbed by thousands of enemies all shooting their own unique patterns of bullets.

Graphics aren't amazing or anything, but who cares? This is a game of dexterity and skill. Besides, more complex graphics would exponentially increase the slow-down. The music is awesome, but even these great tracks get too repetitive after a while. Props for including music and sound effect mute buttons! Always a wise move.

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awsome game :3

Very pleasant game!

Nice textures of the menu and the main game.
The music is worked, good atmosphere, like the name very "arcade".
Upgrade progression is interesting, probably one or two objet to upgrade should be more interesting.
I don't like idea we can choose whatever level... but it's a form of liberty for the player.

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Nuff Said!!!

Let's hit the Arcade!

Is anyone else here old enough to remember that saying?! Was rather common back in the 80s...

Well, this game reminds me of the best shooters of that decade, there is definitely some nostalgia in the air while I play this. Nice graphics and the soundtrack fits just right for that kind of game!

And I have to admit, upgrades were rather uncommon in the old games, adding that to your game make it an even greater joy to play.
Good job, good game :-D

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3.97 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
11:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight