Space Arcade(the game!)

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Pwn the universe with your tiny ship by playing any level in any order you wish! Grab coins and upgrade your ship in this relaxing shmup!
NOTE to MODERATORS: I know I sent an update earlier today, but that udpate was BAD :( I have to reupdate and I am NOT doing this to bother you or anything. I had no idea NG prevented updates after so many views. Please don't punish me.


Very fun!

I really, really enjoy playing this game. Simple and fun, solid controls, etcetera etcetera. I like how quickly it becomes chaotic. Suggestions: 8-bit music, and a new shield mechanism. 8-bit music would obviously fit this better. Sorsorsor has a good idea for a shield, a couple of the levels are just too difficult to have the limit on shields that you've alotted. I have completely maxed out the ship, and can't seem to beat the last few levels.
Anyway, good game! I hope to see those small improvements in the near future.

Too much lag

It appears this game eats too much framerate with so many enemy sprites on screen causing it to happen.

fun game...but

Was fun, but did experience a bug...my ship got stuck on the very bottom row (hit caps lock instead of shift). This did last into later levels.

All in all, fun though.

Fix the controls!

I liked the game, but after I died for the 10th time after I lost control i quit.
The controlls REALLY needs to be fixed. Quite often the ship just flies of by itself.

McFarlandBEATS responds:

I can't replicate this problem

4 for effort...

The controls feel incredibly unresponsive to me, so unless you can fix that I really can't give you higher. =/

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3.97 / 5.00

May 29, 2011
11:00 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight