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Dat Bow tie

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May 28, 2011 | 7:32 AM EDT

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No idea what anime this one's from. enjoy anyway



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ignore your critics

Ignore your critics; you have every right to post anything you create to your home page . Your animations are way cool, & I'm voting10/10 for each of your entries.

Bluebott1 responds:

thanks dude, you're the best


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


this is great , this help me alot on tracing !
you could do a series of tracing tutorial
P/S : good luck ,man!

Bluebott1 responds:

thanks for that, i'm glad you didn't get all butt angry liek someone else, no names; SEVKAT lol anyways, i'm working on some other ones, right now :D maybe i will do a tutorial some time, thanks for the idea :)


Rated 2 / 5 stars


it looks nice sure but tracing or drawing isent animation, it should be on the art portal, seriously, if ur on the flash portal then make her move or atleast lipsync


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Stop it.

You've already admitted to in a prior review on another submission that you're tracing these pieces of art from bitmaps. Do you know what that is? That's you, taking someone else's art that they worked very hard on, and you're copying it and making it look like your own, showing off your 'art skills' that aren't there. Anyone with flash and google image search can do what you're doing. Why don't you tell the original artists of these pieces and tell them you've been tracing their art and uploading it to Newgrounds without their permission. Or you know what, why don't you ask them if you have their permission to take their art and call it yours? Just because you aren't clearly, downright telling us "This isn't my art, I didn't create this, someone else did, I do not own this copyright, I'm just tracing bitmaps". And don't try and tell me that you aren't claiming it as your original artwork, because if you read the entire page when you're submitting your flash here, you're agreeing that it is yours, or you have permission. I'm sorry for being so obtuse and rude, but I've warned you before, and you obviously disregarded what I told you.
So, instead of being a thief and stealing other people's work that they probably worked very hard on, why don't you get a pen, a piece of paper, and actually form some real artist abilities. And for the record, anyone can learn how to illustrate, it's just a myth that people are born with artistic talent, and some people aren't, some people are just inclined to do better than others. So, I'm gonna give you the best piece of advice possible:
Practice, practice, practice!
I mean, you obviously went into detail TRACING THESE BITMAPS, showing that at the very least you have a teeny, tiny bit of artist ability. Use it, practice, keep using it, and so what if your flashes get blammed every now and then? At least you'll have learned that there's room for improvement in specific areas, that's why we have the review system.
Again, sorry for being rude, Bluebott1, but tracing bitmaps is once again, STEALING another artists creations, like I've already told you, but you keep submitting these anyway. If you traced a bitmap and took it the the Art Forum, you'd get banned in a heartbeat.
I'm sure you're a talented guy, I mean, maybe you only have a mouse and no tablet, which is a real set-back for a lot of people, just take what I've said into consideration, instead of making a 1-frame stolen piece and tracing it, why don;t you start doodling around and making dinky little animations? Everyone has to start somewhere. SOMEWHERE, this is nowhere.
Just stop stealing, use your own original art, and you'll be just fine.
Once again man, sorry for calling you out like this, and I'm sure you have the dignity and respect to stop being so obnoxious and abusing the flash portal.
Oh and one more thing, don't be scared to check out the animation forums right here in the BBS, the guys there are really talented and if you're willing to learn, they're willing to teach.
Much love and regards, Sevkat.

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Bluebott1 responds:

It's on my home page. It's what i do, because i enjoy it. I don't expect to take any credit for these because i didn't do anything really. i just want them up here so that i've got something to show my friends, they all know i trace too. It's fun tracing. So you stop posting shit on my animations. didn't even bother to read your whole review, waste of time, leave me alone dude.