Joe Finds Money

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This is a cartoon based on my comic strip, "Guinea Something Good," found at http://www.JoeGP.com (updated every weekday). It's my first animation after taking an "Intro to 2d Animation" class. It took about three months to complete. This was a completely solo project (completely).


a very nice effort.

On an animation level, your piece was executed very well. The animation is fluid, the movements were a little stiff but believable.

I think the only complaint I have, which is shared with others, is the voice acting and even then it's not terrible...just uninspired. It sounds like the dialog is forced rather than a natural flow from someone that was legitimately excited about finding money. My voice acting sucks and my animation skills are non-existent. (which is why I haven't animated a cartoon in quite a while) However I can tell you have a lot of promise.

Keep refining your work, looking forward to seeing what else you can produce.

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WaldFlieger responds:

Thanks for the comments! I appreciate it.


The animation was alright on a technical level, but the acting was pretty uninspired; it need more "oomph," more character. Plus, the guinea pigs look kind of weird with long fingers and primate feet.

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In response to Elfman

I thought the animation was sort of a unique style, you couldn't replicate it, so I don't think scrutinizing it for the sake of realism is really necessary. Anyway you don't get many good frame by frame animations out there anymore. The whole portal gets flooded with shit a lot of the time and its hard to crop out the good stuff, so I'm glad this made the front page.

Interesting indeed.

Although you clearly spent a good amount of time on this animation, the motion of the characters wasn't very realistic. While it was quite fluid FBF, it lacked the ease and timing that would add to the realism.

Take a look at this: bit.ly/g4FLM
You can see that the team of animators that created that cutscene put lots of effort into animating it. However, the movements are extremely choppy and unrealistic. Learning to ease into and out of different poses can help make the frame by frame more natural. The easiest way to do this is to insert one more frame in between the first frame and the second frame, and the last frame and the second to last frame. Then inbetween the added frames, and repeat this process until the motion looks realistic.

You put lots of time and effort into making the animation, and I think it really made a difference. But no matter how much time you put in, a good understanding of motion can always make an animation look better.

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not that funny

there was a liitle joke at the end but still not funny

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3.94 / 5.00

May 27, 2011
11:34 PM EDT
Comedy - Original