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GTFTN - Lightning

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pretty dated tutorial but worth a look, more to be coming
credit for programming goes to ForNoReason

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This was really good. I found it to be very helpful.

Decent information

I think that it was a good idea to add the volume control to this piece, as it can show off a nice little addition - this allows people to substitute their own music, or just dampen down the volume, if they feel like it.

With the information on screen, you've done a good job of presenting the piece and overall, the whole presentation is very well done. I would stress one issue however and that is that you seem to have neglected how a book works - you turn the pages from right to left, so conventionally, a "next page" button would be on the right of the screen, with the corresponding "previous page" button would lurk on the left, as if you were turning the pages of a book, magazine or newspaper.

Mind you, if that's the only fault I can find in the tutorial, then you've not done that bad a job and those that you're assisting should be very satisfied with the results.

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Not much to say which hasn't already been said...

This review's going to be a little short because I don't have much to point which hasn't been stated already, but here goes...

So, all in all this is a pretty helpful tutorial. I love how you made everything seem so easy with step-by-step instructions and a picture on each slide to illustrate how the lightning bolt is supposed to look. I'm not seeing any grammatical errors either, and the colour scheme of white on black was good. The audio was fitting although overused :P. Great work.

Now for the minor errors. Like the guys below me pointed out, the song doesn't loop which is quite odd considering there's a volume bar at the top right corner if you move your mouse over it. The Next and Previous buttons are on the wrong sides too, as SCTE3 said, but this isn't much of an issue. I would've preferred it if you made the volume slider match with the black/white colour scheme though.

If you want me to go into an incredibly unnecessary amount of detail, I'll point out two very very minor flaws - firstly, Step 1 and 4's first letter isn't capital whereas the rest are, and secondly, the first line of the third paragraph of Step 1 (Draw a random...) is slightly indented for some reason.

That's about it. Good work overall!

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Great tutorial!

I really like it, I wish I had it when I had my gimp! T~T

I was getting up there, but then my computer just had to crash >_<

Anyway, I really like your tut, and the music had been the only problem for me.

Make more please!

Review Request Club <(@.@)^

Good tutorial

A nicely written tutorial, even a total flash noob like me could easily reproduce the steps. Also very helpful is that you showed an easy, yet very effective way to create some nice lightening effects.

I liked the minimalistic layout of your tutorial, because this way we can focus only on the text, nothing distracts our concentration.

However, the music wasn't looping, which I found a bit confusing. I mean, usually I turn off the music when I have the chance to do so, but this time I let it play and was surprised it only played once and then stopped.

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