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Mouse controlled.

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This totally is exactly like angry birds! Or atleast sueably similar! I give this half stars for being only half original.

Excellent game!!

I thought bloopers meant from a cartoon series? But, being wrong doesn't mean I don't hate this game!!!

Executed perfectly

Some might instantly see this as Angry Birds remade, and in some ways it is. However the subtle changes such as more dynamic level design make this charming. The game has suitable audio and illustration for an angry birds clone. I can see this easily doing well on the android market.

Small thing, The Kamikaze bloop doesn't smash the lightbulbs if it detonates on top of them. I guess this is intended but it is slightly misleading. On the same note, additional objects such as planks of wood or crates don't seem to be able to damage the bulbs. Why can the bloops only smash something so fragile?

All in all it is a perfect and well executed physics smasher clone. Almost 80 percent of the games on this site are clones do I wouldn't consider that to be a
bad thing. Well done! :)

great game

nice game :)

Credits & Info

3.89 / 5.00

May 24, 2011
6:03 AM EDT