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Tobe's Hookshot Escape

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Author Comments

Mobile Version : Tobe's Hookshot Escape is also available for Windows Phone 7, and will soon be released. Buy it early for $0.99, and get future expansion free!

Support Us : The original Tobe's Vertical Adventure will soon be released on Steam and Gamersgate. Check it out on our website, http://www.secretbase.com .sg

You are trapped in the cave. Try your best to climb as high as you can! Jump to reach further platforms while using your hookshot to climb. Make use of the environment, and watch out for traps and monsters.

Note that this is an endless platformer, with no levels. A score is given to you at the end of each run through to compare yourself to the leaderboard - much like the sweet old arcade days!

Walk > A, D
Jump > W, J
Hookshot > K

Walk > Arrow left, right
Jump > Arrow up or Z
Hookshot > X

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Pretty good real confused as to what happened tho


I thought it was okay, the controls were way too slippery though and the idea wasn't too interesting, it is entertaining though for about 20 minutes. And that's pretty high regard I can give for some of the flash games I've been playing recently.

looks like

he totally looks like Justin Beever, or its just my imagination?
humps chicken, hooks up squares...

Dude what?

No aim? At all? Why? Just why?

lol hook shot!

Love the consept lol this would have made alot of money 10 years ago