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I tried to make this game as intuitive as possible, but for anyone who has any questions...

-Click on the seeds on the right to send them into the tank. They will look after themselves if they can.
-The round hole with teeth that lights up is the shredder. Don't like how your ecosystem is developing?
Shred it all!!!
-The higher your complexity, the more different the organisms get.
-Plants need CO2, but too much can kill your animals, and vice versa!

I won't tell you what's what, as some is obvious, and also it'll spoil the surprise for the others!
Just know that everything fits into the game as a plant, herbivore or carnivore.

If people like this game, I'll get onto making a scoreboard for people to send high scores...
One day I hope to make 3d games, or take 2d gaming to another level, but I need more know-how and technology to get any further...

Anyway, enjoy!

I accidentally added my login name in the title field, it's not 'Batmantiz', it's 'Extra-Terraruim'...

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wow it has been 6 years almost 7 since i have played this, I almost forgot about it. good times hippie hope you finished your stick ninja game it was a lot of fun mate.

BatMantiz responds:

Holy crap, I haven't been here in some time!
Good to hear from you!
No, I haven't finished Stick-Fu, but perhaps one day... ;)

no creatures but human and like 50 plants yet C02 bar not moving. but overall very good.

non mi piace che bruchi mangiano tutte le piante,ma non posso farli rimanere ,quindi che posso fare?

i think you should go on chao garden the game and join me stevie youtube do play same time then listen sounds werid

fuckin awesome cause i helped lol

yo mofos i been seein alota shit bout complaining of the hardness trust me its fuckin possible and easy when u work out how they interact with eachother it was built for intelligent people so im not surprised alot of u r finding it hard understand the sprites and the way they interact its a digital environment sustaining an environment isnt meant to be fuckin easy this is a game made to challenge now how do i know all this i helped develope i claim to no fame for i just did a bit of animation for it here and there (the shitting bow and the psychonaut plant oh and the egg for the deamon i think thats it hippie let me know if it isnt) but yeah the scores ive got on te cunt ae amazing ive kept it going for hours its half puzzle half life sim

BatMantiz responds:

The Psychonaut plant and the Blue box monsters.

Perhaps I could make a 2.0 with other guest submissions?

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4.41 / 5.00

May 18, 2011
12:12 AM EDT
Simulation - Pet / Buddy