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SS - Keys of our Past

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May 16, 2011 | 3:39 PM EDT

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Warning: A small percentage of viewers have had the movie randomly skip to the end right around the start of the 3rd part. If this happens to you, there are links on the preloader and end-page with links to the same video on Youtube. I apologize, and have no idea how to fix this.

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In this lesson, we cover 3 topics, ranging from alien life, all the way to the precession of the Equinox. Something big is happening on earth today. We can see signs of it, and today were going to look at a few anomalies, as well as ask the question "why is this happening on earth right now?"

Go watch the Discovery Channel documentary "Mystery of the Sphinx" on Youtube! watch?v=PotS7hPQZTU


The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple
The ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Serpent of Light - Drunvalo Melchizidek
Mystery of the Sphinx - Discovery Channel
Anything by Edgar Cayce.



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so the myans might have not meant hat the world would end but that a new age would begin and as far as I that what the myans have belived that ages have ended and knew ones created :)


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Just about the most assumptive I've seen so far.

No actual basis of multi-sourced proof for these various cutesy claims, simply a leap of faith down the rabbit hole.

The bloviation on the subject of the Dogons fails to mention that Sirius's star system is heavily based in their very old tribal religion, over many hundreds of years. Even if it's pretty hard to see, with enough obsessive commitment to study, it can be seen. However, the parts about aliens and EMGs... not exactly the most factual basis.

The Sphinx lecture is at best, a heap of desperate fridge logic. The concentration on one group of scientists and the purposeful ignorance of all the others, as well as the diversionary jab at Islam, and forcefully linking this with some theory about the constellational periods does not make this a winning argument if one actually thinks about this. The origins, makings, and even stylings of the Sphinx are still under heavy amounts of scientific debate that will not cease for a while yet, and claiming anything about it at this time will show nothing but willful ignorance on your part. Far from the "accepted evidence" you claim in this video, I daresay.

Also, I'd like to add that Atlantis's existence, whilst a cute story, will remain so until we actually find it in totality and properly identify it. For all you know, it could have been just a philosophical allegory. By the way, having watched this through a few times (so as to get my cynical rebuttal straight), I find it amusing that you call the philosophers a "dumber" culture than the preceding cultures. Such profound ignorance, I must say...

But, back to going down the chronological list, I will continue on with the posed question about the speeding-up of information. Uh, dude, you've forgotten about the loss of the bulk of the Library of Alexandria. What if that missing collection of scrolls had most of the knowledge we gained up to the time of the widespread Renaissance? You seem to forget that tragedy of humanity.

In any case, linking up the "age of information" with this pseudomystical "age of aquarius" does not make any cohesive sense. If not for anything else, then for the fact that how did this chronological system come into play in the first place? Remember, in those days, everything had a mystical and/or religious explanation, so people will look for supernatural stuff in things even when it isn't there.

Continuing on with this discussion, I'd like to let you in on something: THERE ARE NO "GALACTIC WINDS". Various physical forces are at work, but WIND (or whatever cute term you pop onto something) is not.

What I love about the bit about waking and sleeping is that it shows that you obviously don't know a thing about the studies behind the mechanics of sleep or the how the biological clock of an organism relates to it- or the psyche of the organism, for that matter. Then again, you might be talking in New Age jargon again, so I'll just move on...

And next we have- OH GOD. THIS IS RICH.

You placed values on knowledge as if some knowledge was more valuable than others. Sorry to tell you this, hon', but all [founded] knowledge is important. Just because the scientists of today are not infatuated with how the Earth's rotation moves with the pulls and pushes of the Sun and the Earth's Moon does not mean we are any less intelligent as a human race.

The hating on the deconstructing of knowledgable society and its re-emerging in a different form (the Fall of Rome to "Dark" Ages and Medieval times) is silly, as the human race benefited from in in a variety of ways, such as the studies of things like alchemy, political systems, and economic systems. This probably wouldn't matter to you, seeing as you're all for this "bigger than me" mysticism, but this stuff had some actual purpose in shaping the world and sciences of today(alot).

Now we move on to the concluding statements.

Yet again, you discredit cold logic in favor for overly arty idealism.

Science is the practice of the studying of the world. Get over it.

And that's a wrap.

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Wow this is... just.. amazing.

Just so you know, it says in the Bible: "Not even the Lord Jesus knows when the end will be."

RiverJordan responds:

That's true, we don't have an exact date. The Dec 21st/2012 is the exact date that we fall into the alignment, BUT the "end of time" window is actually a window between 2007 and 2015, so it's anytime in there really


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This is unbelievable!


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This is mindblowing...

Even if you dont believe it, you still have to admit, its mindblowing. December 21st 2012 eh? I listened well but I still didn't get if you were sayin if the world was gonna end at that time. I doubt you were and I doubt it will. Everything else I understood.