Life in Magicka

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Well i stayed up all night making this, much better than my last flash. I've watched many videos on this game and came to the conclusion that team killing is abundant, but is it on purpose or not;)



It was pretty okay. Not a lot going on, and it felt a bit random. The title was a bit misleading also.

Uh too short

the idea of it is funny but its too short :L

A little short

It's quite funny, I'll give you that, but then there would appear to be so much more you can make of this - the game is an untapped resource of jokes, so throw the whole idea out there and give us something to get out teeth into jokes wise.

The laughing off camera sounded to me like someone crying, so perhaps you need to alter that slightly to get the sound right, before everything else follows. On top of that, a little more buildup for the gag would have been a good idea, perhaps some "magical" sound effects off screen and a blinding flash, just before the rock strikes and the joke comes out.

I think the blue and green guys could have been pictured standing there at the end and high fiving, while the yellow one leans in and says "Not bad, but how do you know he got the joke?" as green and blue fall about laughing.

I'd like to see more Magicka based jokes and flash, so keep up the good work.

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2.67 / 5.00

May 16, 2011
7:44 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody