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GD's Fighter

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Simple fight game I made when I was 13 years old.
Machine Gun, Bazooka, etc.

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As one reviewer put it, it may be "good for a 13 year old", but that doesn't make it a good game. It's not fun, and there's practically nothing to do. It is completely mindless in its "action". (Hold down, mash CTRL, SUCCESS!)

I give it two stars, one because it must have taken at least a bit of effort, and a second because that effort created something that worked and didn't seem to bug out at all.

Next time, though, include some gameplay in your games.

It didn't change at all.

All you do on each different level is fight off the same easy guys. Not exactly what you call "challenging". Next time make obstacles, more difficult NPC's to kill, and new weapons if your going to make a shooter.



best game i ever play o god !!!

Gdverde responds:


My opinion

It's nothing too interesting. all I have to do is just lay down and keep shooting. If there was a plot to the story, ammo, and you can get around more in a better map, I think this game could've been good. You were good on the coding too. At least you put some effort into this.