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This retroish arcade game puts you in a randomly generated cavern full of colorful ore as a mining robot, whose task is to mine randomly-generated caverns of their ore.

Controls can be found in the tutorial (which I highly recommend going through to understand the gameplay), but here's a brief list of single-player controls:
Arrow keys move the Minerbot.
Enter or F fire "collectors," devices that attach to ore veins and collect the ore within.

Minerbot was originally created under the name "A Greedy Profession" for a Mini Ludum Dare competition. It was very confusing back then. It still is a little confusing now, to some--but it has come a long way.

Enjoy mining!

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awesome,but i would recommend the ability to turn off the timer for a free play mode.


first, very simple controls and a retro-style graphics
but the most impresive feature is the music, DUDE the music is Fantastic!!

although the game could have upgrades, it is good and very addictive.

pd: where can i find the music to download it?


im a sucker for retro games, i found this to be pretty intertaining. I like the idea of the game and the graphics, they gave a nice retro feel to it along with the sound. i think it could do with abit of work to make it abit more exciting to make it front page worthy tho, keep up the good work!

Cool Concept

Should be ok if ya get the big thumbs up, needs more though, like upgrades.