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Silentium Universi

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Author Comments

Silentium Universi is a fast-paced space shooter with epic upgrades and fun achievements. Fight thru five exciting levels each ending with their own unique custom boss and a surprise throw-back level as the credits roll. This is our first game so we hope you enjoy it!

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fun game

only problem i had with the game is when i got the fresh meat award, it never went away and blocked the continue button in the shop so i couldn't keep playing, other that that great game

This game is site-locked

"This game is site-locked and is not allowed to run on this website"

looks like you pirated it somewhere

redjag responds:

I assure you I did not pirate this game :) You can message me on Kong where I posted it under the name dtsGames if you are curious. Anyway, the sitelock code should be completely disabled in this version (MochiAds) so I'm not sure how that is coming up for you. I'll upload a new version just in case.

Not bad especially for your first game

It's a little too easy though

Cool Game


I had fun playing this old-school game. (:

- The graphics overall looked pretty good.
- I thought the explosions should have been a more ominous.

- Nice, solid controls. It's great that you provided both mouse and keyboard. However, for me, it was keyboard for the win! >-)

- I think this area of the game needed the most improvement. There are enough sound effects, and the player shooting and explosion sound gets a bit monotonous. Also, sometimes, I notice that the player shooting sound tens to "double up" if that makes any sense. After a short while, it returns to normal. Not sure if that's intentional or not.
- While I though the music loops sounded awesome, I thought they were a bit short, even for loops. Nonetheless, I really liked the boss song. (I had to look up bebeto, and find that track [loop018.wav, lol]).

Polish / Other:
- Needs more sounds. Things like:
-- collecting power-ups (different power-ups would have different sounds)
-- perhaps changing the player shooting sound as your weapon gets stronger
-- taking damage
-- bad guy deaths - try not to give just one explosion sound to each bad guy
-- boss death should be much more engaging
-- damage effect when you damage bad guys
Just a few ideas.

- I REALLY like how, not only can you remap the controls, but you can also assign more than one key for most actions.

- Would have like to see a better weapon system. Strengthening the existing weapon system is good, but I'd like more types of weapons, and maybe some super weapon you can charge up or something, and maybe a special shield that can reflect projectiles back.

- I like how you can adjust the volume of the music and sound individually.

- I might suggest removing the countdown timer for resuming play for "advanced" players. Maybe have that as an option, too, but perhaps enable it by default.

- Stages were a bit short, and I would have liked to see a few more bad guy types. (:

You and your team did a good job here, soldier.
* salutes *

(That boss music gonna be in my head all night. Dangit!! lol)

- Ziro out.

redjag responds:

Thanks for the well-thought out review, I really appreciate you taking the time to do that. I agree with most/all of your points, too. Sounds are something that I have absolutely no skill with.. when I hear a sound effect I can tell you whether or not it fits but not much else. I found the majority of the sound effects on freesound.org and then played with them in Audacity but again, I have no skillz :P Anyway, thanks again for all the feedback/suggestions - if we do a sequel or level pack I will definitely keep it in mind.

not to bad

solid game, kinda short thou

Credits & Info

4.54 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
9:00 PM EDT