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Little Red Riding Hoody

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Author Comments

To a series that I started last night, but then flash like broke. Basically if it isn't explain the game will be a cross between platform and point and click. Setting up traps to kill selected people who have made little red's living life hell.
Follow the game as it tells you. Such as when it tells you to do something do it, I haven't placed an ending, or a begining because it's an introduction.

Enjoy and go easy! :-)x

UPDATE: Added walking animation, due to lack of animation.

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Looks like a great teaser for a game, I'm already into it.

May I suggest that you use a different font (and maybe size) for the hints (ie. "Use Up arrow to look up") as having the same font and size disrupts the narrative. Also consider a softer transition to the 'TBC' scene.

Looking forward to it.

good intro

It would be very nice to see the game, when your done, cause I think you could make iut intresting.

Action Scripting good, the rest, not so good

You obiviously got the grips of action scripting and I can see you mean to tell a good (if angsty) story with this. But frankly the art style was lacking, there wasn't any animation and the music is the same bull you hear in every "deep" game.
My suggestion is too continue working with flash fleshing out your skills before attempting to continue this.
Now this isn't me telling you to give up. Just keep practising. :P

MickyMcIntee responds:

I fully agree with you, I do have a firm knowledge of actionscript. But my graphics needs a bit of work. And I'll keep at it! :) On another note, it's not actually meant to be a 'deep' game. It's supposed to be a 'Oh god you ruined my life, ohwell I'm dead now time for you to die in a series of set-ups:-]' Kinda game. Thanks for the input! :)


for a introduction this was awsome i hope it is finished good luck amzing intro

I would like to explain why I blammed this

I really like the premise of this flash. You've flipped the gender of a classic tale, and have put a very "Kill Bill" spin on things. That's pretty creative. However, I can't ignore the feeling that this in the wrong format. I think you would have been better off making an introductory trailer, with Little Red Riding Hoody walking through this world and having the dialogue pop up as he walks through different scenes. However, the fact that I walked forward and clicked on something once makes me think this didn't have all that much time spent on it. I could be wrong, and I'm definitely not trying to knock the game. You have a big project ahead of you, and I would recommend you go back to the drawing board with this and ask yourself if you would create more anticipation for the series by presenting the introduction differently. I really enjoyed the concept, and I think the lackluster graphics actually added to it. However, you submitting this as a game was a bad idea, in my opinion.
Good luck on the game, I'll be sure to bookmark you and make sure to play it when it comes out: in full!

Credits & Info

3.42 / 5.00

May 11, 2011
2:35 PM EDT