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Evolution of Magic

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Author Comments

Here are some tips on getting started!

1. Read the Help Planet. It's very important to know about the skills you are using
2. When you are poisoned, MP decreases as well as HP.
3. The more AP you have spent into an element, the more powerful your Orb of that element will be
4. Raising HP and MP earlier is a good idea. It will grow even further as you level up. Raising MP is important!
5. Try to stick to being either a Melee or a Mage. Going for both can be a bad idea. INT doesn't affect your Abilities
6. Magic is harder to train than Melee but it's stronger if you are smart with it. Melee needs Dex and Magic needs MP. Which means if you're a Mage, there is no need to raise Dex at all
7. Try to raise STR and INT later on in the game. Starting by raising HP and MP is a better idea as they grow more as you level
8. If you are missing a lot, it's probably because you are blinded and not because of your lack of Dex. If you raise enough Dex, you can even hit enemies at 100% accuracy even if you're blinded!
9. You can unlock Outfits by buying 4 Magic spells of that type
10. Be careful with the abilities you want to buy. Think if you really need it. Saving up AP is always a good idea
11. There are a few big secrets in this game. Several monsters are extremely weak to certain attacks and will go down in a few hits

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waiting to much time to load
waited 3 hours...

I've completed one world. On to reviewing.

Art: 3 stars
SFX/BGM: 3.5 stars
Controls: 5 stars
Gameplay: 3.5 stars
Storyline: 4 stars

The art reminds me of MapleStory, which was rather nostalgic throughout my play. Unfortunately as nostalgic as it was, it isn't deemed 'beautiful' and could have been improvised (though I know that means even more effort and time). The sounds get annoying after a long time even though there were some variations in different maps, probably because the songs are short and very repetitive to the ears when looped. Try longer tracks next time?

The controls are simple enough, using entirely mouse to maneuver around. Implementing some quests would be great, but that would mean collecting random items for the world-natives, defeating certain optional location boss's, etcetera (up to your imagination). I mean, it's just a suggestion for a more varied gameplay with a goal aside from clearing mobs after mobs. I really do like the spell system though!

The storyline hasn't been original thus far, but it isn't too generic either. You're a foreign creature/visitor from Somewhere Else and different worlds are trying to evict you for different circumstances/reasons/misunderstandin gs.

Wrapping my review up, it was worth my one hour's gameplay, but it wasn't a big bang. Decent stuff though.

OVERALL: 4 stars (3.8 stars)

No words can explain the epicness of this game

nice! i love games like this but the reason i am giving 3.5 is because of the music. it gets very annoying after a while

Dude This Was Stolen In HackedArcadeGames.com They Also Stole Your Second One

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

May 9, 2011
1:23 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place May 10, 2011