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Abandon Tomorrow

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Author Comments

You are in the year 2050 year of the cyberpunk and the world as you know it, is no more.
It's up to you to take down the corrupt system by taking the matter in your own hands.
Hire mercenaries, buy weapons, hack computers and do whatever it takes to finish your mission.

- tactical combat
- team management
- interactions with npc
- hacking simulator
- explore a future world


Game official rewiev:
http://www.fettspielen.de /blog/online-game-test-ab andon-tomorrow/

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Holy shit that's flesh eaters 90's years version & about cyberpunk instead of zombies

ZEROstudio responds:

This is actually our first game ever made!
We now work on Chromosome Evil(flesh eaters 2) for PC

That was fairly odd again

This is a very different game submitted to this portal. The character designs are easily the best things about this. I also think the graphics all around are really good. The funniest thing was that the robotic voice seemed to frequently malfunction and it was actually really entertaining when you heard its jumbled voice try to tell you something. My main complaint is that it does seem like it's a bit too, well, strange. There are just so many weird aspects going on it's hard to tell what's going on.

I guess it just came off as too odd. Of course, I love odd stuff so if you want to play something quite macabre, then by all means check this out! It seems like you really went out to create your own nonsensical world. It could use some music, but the overall design is impressive and the gameplay at least isn't that confusing. I like how it's just the mouse you use for control.

ZEROstudio responds:

Thank you very much, this was my first game i made.


Game is great, although I suggest some kind of autosaving feature, maybe?
Ah, and I laughed at Zeus Arms. TOTALLY NOT ARES ARMS. TOTALLY.
Overally, great RPG, although sad that is very linear. I mean, all you can change is your class at beginning (half of options only at AgeOfGames, anyway), your name (not that it matters) ... And all. Can't change gender, hair color, nothing. Later? You're given stable storyline you can't deviate from. I mean, RPG games are about CHOOSING. Why I can't take side of the punks? That's not so cool.
Game is great though, and I DEARLY hope you'll make a sequel.
As for just the mechanics:
>Allow player to enter Characters (journal etc.) menu also at dialogue scenes and world map, not only in combat.
>Tactical Combat would be more tactical if we could stop other characters from following the main, so we could set them up at strategic places before the fight.
>Allow to cancel Move action;

ZEROstudio responds:

I doubt ther will be a sequel taking in consideration that this team has split apart, we had no time to polish the game or to give more features on character creation, also you can cancel the move by presing escape.
Glad you saw potnetial in ouer first and last game.

i enjoyed this quite a bit....

it reminds me alot of shadowrun for super nintendo, i put a few hours into got to a pretty decent level had some great gear, i just logged on to play, and my save file is erased....so yeah kind of a downer considering i otherwise thought this was a great game

ZEROstudio responds:

I tried to re-make the save bug , aparently save game disapears after computer is restarted if you use win optimisers, and i am glad you enjoy it and sad that we did not do such a good job and you lost your save

its promising

but theres a fatal glitch, when you go to save the screen slightly grays out like an ads about to popup and a little loading bar pops up at the bottom like its loading an ad but the bar fills and nothing happens, it just stays there, makeing it impossible to save, so failz.

ZEROstudio responds:

I tryed to remake the bug but aparently save works fine , do you have any other details about this bug ?

Credits & Info

4.07 / 5.00

May 9, 2011
1:13 PM EDT