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Author Comments

Cruz has been under development since late 2010. This demo allows you to play the original 8 Kroz games, including Kingdom I and II, Caverns, Dungeons, Return, Temple, Final Crusade, and Lost Adventures. It also features a 32-level demo of a brand-new adventure, The Underground Empire of Cruz.

To date, there have been two Kroz ports to Flash: a simple port of Kingdom II and a brief adventure of 18 new levels. I was very disappointed because they didn't have much new content, had many flaws (like running too fast), and most importantly, did not support the best of the original Kroz games.

This demo has a LOT of content--over 250 levels. You will need to use the game's save feature to complete it all, especially Lost Adventures!

Enhancements to the original Kroz series include better graphics, animation, and a complete soundtrack (Kroz did not have a soundtrack).


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Nice Old-School Game


First off, glad you were able to fix the loading issue I PM'd you about. I don't vote on games (especially voting them down) just because they won't load. Actually, by the time, I read your reply, I had already visited your profile, found the link to your website, and played it there. (:

Nonetheless, on to the review.

- Regarding the fonts: The fancy font is a little had to read.You definitely have the room, so I'd make them a bit bigger, or use a different font altogether. The dialog text (what the player says): Use something other than a "normal" looking text. This being an old-school game, it probably would look better if all the fonts were bitmaps, and blitting was used to render them.

- When you unpause the game and it zooms out, is there a way to undo the zoom without moving your character or using items?

- Sometimes, it's hard to locate your character at the start of a zoomed out level without taking a hit, using whip, etc. Maybe add a bigger visual notification or something like that.

- Unless I missed it, consider adding an option to mute the music, while keeping the sound effects.

- Consider allowing the player to save use a SharedObject instead of a code, or at least add the option in addition to your current saving design. Not that the music sounds bad or anything (it's good), just makes a more user-friendly game (some players still might to mute it for whatever reason, though).

- I like how you can use the mouse to navigate your player. Just curios, what path-finding algorithm did you use? (:

- Would have like to see the screen seamlessly follow the player.

Overall, cool game, soldier. This will definitely keep someone busy for those who are really into this. (:

* salutes *

- Ziro out.

Appetite4 responds:

Very helpful, Zir0! This is good feedback, and I'm glad you didn't give up entirely due to the loading issue (resolved within 10 minutes of upload).

Unfortunately, lots of folks sounded off within that first 10 minutes, before your bug report!

I will say, I'm upset the alternate URL wasn't posted anywhere on the NG portal submission guidelines. I had tested cross-domain loads before uploading to NewGrounds, but there was no information that would lead me to believe newgrounds.com wouldn't be the source location. Well, you live and learn.

Path-finding? Well, it's similar to Diablo II, with these exceptions:
1) Player doesn't follow direct line-of-sight shortcuts; usually not a big deal.
2) Two types of traversal assessments: "safe" and "hurried."
3) Gravity considerations in "sideways" levels. This one was tough, having the player know when and where to climb. And admittedly, it needs some work.

The full version of Cruz awaits!

pure old school badassery

a warning though if you don't like old school games you wont like this but if you love em this is for you

Good job!

I liked all of it. Decent music and entertaining if you like this sort of thing.

Nothing works.

Nothing works except for the more info button.

Appetite4 responds:

Correct, for a few minutes. It's since been fixed if you want to try it out.

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

May 8, 2011
4:39 PM EDT