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We took 5 of the most popular genres in physics games, cranked out 8 brainteasing levels each and put it all together in this 40 puzzle behemoth.

If you get stuck, just try a different genre for a bit to clear your head.

Good luck and thanks for playing!

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bugged hard

Did you update this and break it? I found several critical bugs. The music is playing multiple times on top of each other, thank god for the mute button. The game restarts itself constantly. Meaning that when I start a level, couple of seconds later I'm suddenly back at the main menu again. This happened with different levels. Completely unplayable game at its current state.


I would say that it was a nice game, but the physics wasn't the best
I like that you used my song in the game, and I would appreciate if you used more

I had fun playing anyhow =D


Honestly, I can see what you were going for with this game, but you missed your target by far.

The level design is often frustrating and hard to grasp. Some levels seem to depend on sheer luck and the physics are often doubtable at best.
The controls for building were horrible, plain horrible, and I see no reason why I have to use every bit of dynamite on the exploding levels, just to give you some examples.

Also the graphics were rather plain and unoriginal ( we have seen so many games look exactly like this) and the checking clock took way to long.

Honestly, I appreciate your effort, but you missed the mark on this one.


I like the simplistic graphics and the music is nice, if repetitive. Plus the physics are pretty good... Except for the fact that the blocks appear to be made entirely out of rubber.

However, I didn't like the fact that you had to wait for the timer to finish checking if you knew you were going to lose. The refresh button doesn't work while the timer goes down! Not only that, but you put the timer in some categories that didn't even need it! The long ass waits made me want to give this a 6, but I realize this is a small game element. Besides, there should be a way to speed up the motion of the objects so that you see what should have happened in, say, 60 seconds, in three seconds. While statements come to mind, but I know that if you had a flawless setup you'd end up with a broken computer. Still, I'm POSITIVE there's a workaround that you didn't think of.

I also didn't like that the menu didn't show if a level was beaten or not. A check mark over or glow effect would have been a nice indicator.

As per individual modes... Collapsing made me frustrated because the blocks had way too much friction, and I lost in ways that would be impossible in real life. Building was easily exploitable by stacking things against the walls. Stacking got way too hard way too fast, and the way that balls rolled on their own was a small thing at first but became impossible to work with eventually. Moving seemed to require a good deal of bullshitting and cheap Jimmy-rigging. I didn't get to see too much of Exploding because I couldn't figure out how to beat 4, but I did manage to play at lest 6/7 of the levels in all the other categories.

This game DOES NOT present itself as fun. It presents itself as ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING. It is possible to make puzzle games that do not fit into this category, but this attempt failed hard. I'll still give you a 7 for the presentation and the physics, which were nice, though the level design was not.

GroZGames responds:

Thanks for your input -- the time on the "checking..." is something to fix in the future and has definitely been noted. Sorry you found the level design too "flukey", it's hard to properly distribute the learning curve across levels without there being TOO many levels. We did our best.

Thanks again!


Your physics algorithms are a little off. You'll need to take into account surface friction on round objects. I was stopped at a point in the game where a ball (the black one) had to be removed from the map, yet it was crawling at a constant rate (VERY SLOWLY) until it rolled off the map, 10 minutes later.

You should either take into account, a surface friction algorithm for rounded objects, or set a TTL (Time to Live) on objects so that they eventually HAVE to stop after, I'd say 30 seconds.

Otherwise, you're on the right track!
from a fellow programmer and engine designer :)

GroZGames responds:

Thanks for your input -- I used Box2D to make it but the damping values might not be set high enough.

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May 8, 2011
2:14 PM EDT
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