Open Letter to Game Devs

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This is a cartoon that I thought of a while ago and just got around to finishing. I hope ya'll like it, it's a cute diversion to other shit. SEQUELITIS 2 ON THE WAY WOOOOOOOOOO GIRLCHAN 4 fAOFJGTOSJDGKN

Thanks to Suzy Berhow for coloring most of the frames!



Though not some peoples cup of tea (evidently) I like your fast paced way of delivering jokes, wether or not they are about obscure source material.

The capcom joke was suitably fitting, considering their tendancy to re-release slightly updated version of their games (Street Fighter II, Super Street Fighter II, Super street fighter II Turbo HD Remix) and it sort of applied to ubisoft aswell with their horrid "PETZ" series.

The Ubisoft joke was poorly executed in my opinion for one reason. No one knew the book. Atlas Shrugged is a book about a lady who lives in an alternate reality where the government oppresses all industries, and frowns on creativity.
If this were a more mainstream book where most people actually knew basic facts of the plot (Moby Dick for instance) they would get that you are trying to say most books aren't exactly perfect for videogames.

Your Activision joke perfectly showcased their corporate greed and how they continually create new games specifically to take advantage of consumers (namely young kids). I also wouldn't have minded a mention to the terrible
Tony Hawk : Shred controller.

The Final Fantasy one was simply hilarious, one because of the play on words,
and two because it is exactly what Square Enix would do (Final fantasy X, and X-2 anyone?).

As always your animation and voice acting are top-notch.
Not exactly one of your best flashes, but still good.
Keep up the good work.

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Not bad.

I actually rather enjoyed the satiric, sarcastic humor in this animation. Not your best, but who cares, if it made me laugh I like it.

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I don't see why everyone is being such downers.

Come on man

Your animation was OKAY.

But the whole execution of this animation was absolutely poor. What were you trying to convey through this animation? because it really didn't go anywhere. To me, it sounded more like you just recorded something on the fly and animated to it without any backbone or structure.

Sorry man, this one was just dumb, no cleverness in this one, one bit.


...I'm not gonna do that, I thought it was (again) funny!

Keep your own chaotic style bro, graphic and humor! Show 'em who's boss!

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May 7, 2011
5:56 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody