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EVolution ep2

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This one took way too long.

Really getting into extended universe stuff here. So Trox, Xleek's boss, is angry because Xleek let two "ancient" humans on the Time Machine. (They're from the future, watch the first episode to get the whole story.) He hesitantly lets them stay, but Meredith comes in with two more primitive humans. THEY SHALL NOT STAY.

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oh man. this is great! The humor is SO tight and spot-on! I love it when that happens. Also, all hail Meredith, Queen of the Apes of Ignorance.

LOL! That was hilarious, but tigers were never in prehistoric Africa, let alone prehistoric Ethiopia. Good job!

lol funny as hell how did Meredith ...nevermind

I FINALLY FOUND THIS EPISODE!!!! My friend showed this to me on his birthday....like in june......I FOUND DIS!!!! Funny thing id that I'm ethiopian and many things I watch never really reference Ethiopia, so when I saw it I was pretty amazed for some reason. Anyways, I found this very entertaining!

I really hope this series is alive and kicking. Or at least alive. Its getting rarer to see good stuff like this on NG.

EVanimations responds:

it's alive, just not necessarily kicking. I'm working on the 4th one still.