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Cannibal Casserole 2

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The sequel to last year's popular rag-doll throwing franchise, Cannibal Casserole. Yet more ship-wreck victims have landed on the island - it's your job to land them in the cooking pots and feed the natives!

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Loving dis GAME!!!!!

talk about playing with your food.....

Loved it....

Except for level 30, tried a ton of times and then gave up. Did find one bug on that level though. If a ragdoll hits a bomb and then goes into the teleporting heads, it glitches and loops through the same 40 or so frames, just a cosmetic bug mind you, but i thought i should make you aware of that.

Not buggy...

I hardly think having the catapult keep firing after you finish a level is a bug, it's kinda fun that you can keep firing and it doesn't count towards your throws for the level. If you clicked restart by accident then you must have been clicking rapidly which isn't the point of the game.

I don't think bending celery sounds much like a catapult tbh. And a collision sound would get really annoying quick (it actually does have a collision sound but it's quiet so it doesn't get annoying)


Were the

Three best friends that anybody could have


It's nothing new conceptually. Ok to play, but has some annoying bugs. The catapult doesn't stop launching when the menu comes up or when the level ends. That caused me to restart a level just because I happen to be clicking where the restart button came up when the level ended. That is a major bug in my opinion. The music is nice but sounds weird. It needs to be a little subdued, not at the forefront of what you hear. It got annoying fast as well. I think you put sound everywhere except where you needed it the most, with the catapult and the collisions. Big oops. Fix the bug, tone down the music or change it so it sounds faded, or in the background (it's nice and works with the game, but shouldn't take the center stage), and if you can only do one thing to improve this game, give the cat and collision some sound. If you can't find something public then make it yourself. GO grab some celery, bend it back, then release it. There's your catapult sound. Stick a mic on the floor and drop an egg in front of it for your collision sound.