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Symbiosis Snake

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Author Comments

**Again, you have to actually play the game several times before you get the hand of it. Don't judge after 1 play.***
**Don't Forget to Submit Your scores by clicking "submit score" after you die!**

This game is an original concept that I thought of a while ago, and have been slowly developing over time.

The idea is this:
You control both a snake and a platforming character. the snake's body parts are the platforms for the character. Survive for as long as possible!

WAD tot move the leech, W being the jump key.
Arrow keys to move the snake.
Read the included instructions before playing.
You can submit your score, see if YOU can make it to the top of the leader-boards!

The thing is...this game is hard. like, totally brutal. It has a VERY steep learning curve, and you will likley get frustrated(Some of the medals just AREN'T possible to get). So what I ask of you is this: Play several(10+) games before deciding if you like it. It IS possible
I myself find it very addicting, and I'm always striving to beat my score, which I'm sure someone will do very easily. Just cause I made the game doesn't mean I'm good at it.

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I think it deserves more recognicion.

I haven't seen this twist of the classic snake before. It's addicting, and while it gives the same addictiveness as the old snake, it still gives a new kind of twist which prevents me from getting bored.

The graphics are neon-ish, and it really fits into a game like this. The character choice is a bit limited though. Maybe you could just give a small 8x8 or 4x4 character editor. It would give an even more complete feeling, and solve the problem of the limited characters.

A bit more variation would be nice too. A hurdle to jump over sometimes, enemies that you had to dodge, a wall you can't go through or something like that would give less of a feeling you're constantly doing the same thing.

After practicing a bit it starts off a bit slow. Maybe you could implement a feature that allows everything to go 2x as fast, for 2x points.

Those features aren't neccesairy though, since the game is already quite hard. Perhaps something for a next game?

Also, sorry for not writing a review before. I kind of forgot :(

tenentenen responds:

I wish people knew of this game!
Also you can change the speed, and you get more points for higher speed.
The score is calculated per movement, and is based on how fast, and how short the snake is.

Thanks for the review!

Original concept

The good old classic with a new twist. Surely ups the difficulty for those who've mastered the classic game.
Good graphics (not that I actually care about graphics. ;) )
Good tutorial
Good game in general.
If anything, I'd say the snake is a bit poorly controlled. It sometimes fail to respond on change of direction. Might be that I'm just hitting left before it turns upwards from a previous "command", but it's those little things that makes the difference in a game like this.

tenentenen responds:

Thanks! You are correct in the fact that it only registers the command before the next move, but this is how all snake games are. You just have to get a feel for it.

It's an excellent idea

The one thing that really shitted me was that the snake can go off the edge, but the platforming character can't.

Otherwise, it's an innovative and well-made game.

tenentenen responds:

The snake follows "snake rules" and the leech follows "platformer" rules. This is just an excuse though, It would have been easy to implement, but I didn't do it because I didn't think it fit.

Thanks for the review though!

Credits & Info

4.10 / 5.00

May 5, 2011
9:22 AM EDT