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The Social Entrapment

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Edit: 19-5-2011 Thanks for the inclusion of this movie in the 'undiscovered gems' lineup :)

Do social networking sites really help you keep in touch... or lose touch and your grip on reality!

This was an animation I made to promote a short film by my friend Bharadwaj. Please watch his film at the link provided at the end of the movie. It's GREAT!!

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what a way to provide subliminal......

this is something serious and touching that I never thought of being involved so much with the internet. this is promising, it shows why the technology today circulates the live of young generation. this is awesome, due to the fact that everyone's hooked up with social networking.


A, very, very touching animation!

Nice music, graphics worth of improvement, but you miss a star because I find it a bit strange to suggest contacting you via facebook while we saw the girl jumping from the window because of it.

Man, how do you do these videos?

The complexity of your videos always made me think about stuff. Keep up the good work!
5/5 10/10


seriously great anim. alittle sad at the end tho... when is everyone gonna see that facebook isn't helping our social lives, its hurting them!

Don't spend too much time on social networks...

Well, as i have plenty of things to do, i know how addictive can become twitter / facebook and that kind of social networks, most of the time i just connect, share my latest work / paints / drawings and quickly disconnect.

Disconnecting from the internets is still the best way to stay in touch with your closest ones and real life friends.

I found it sad and despressive that lot of people just throw away their precious lifetime on facebook etc.

Keep up the good work ! u got my 5 :3