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I have reuploaded this since I accidently uploaded a beta, oops!, Well even then the game did very well so even though I was horrified to see that I had uploaded the wrong version I was happily surprised to see the game had got a decent rating nonetheless, well if you guys liked the beta you'll LOVE this :)

## Instructions ##
Simply point and click and blast your way through 30 action packed waves. They get harder, and faster the more you progress. The goal. Survive.

W, A,S, D keys or Arrow Keys to Move.
Aim with the mouse and Click to shoot.

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33660 score on easy i thot i was gonna win first try but NOpe. I underestimated the lv 30 boss somewhat and gone drove into the wall and got a thousand bullets in my face. i even had two spare "become HUGE tank box and fire larger lazars" saved up and i let get me sniffles* oh well, one death. I was gonna win anyways =w= love it.


in the first 6 waves its a nice start cause theres a good amount of health, but then from wave 6-11 i got one health upgrade and thats it, the learning curve is too much


Excellent area defense geometric shooter game ^) I like cosmic sound and neon visuals style ^)


This game is dangerously Addicting......this should be on the front page every day!!!
well back to the point...the music is a work of god and i wish i could own it or at least put it on my favorite so i can lesson to it repetitively , the game in it of its self is Phenomenal with the lights and the game play is original with power-ups/pick-ups and now is my #1 action-shooter-Multidirectional game on Newground!
To end this review, i wold like to say thank you callanCarr!!! =D

Trigger finger hurts

The last boss took awhile to beat and soon i won i was kinda hurtin. The game is Great make more! :D