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Author Comments

This videogame is more about the entertainment of battle spectacle and playing with toy soldiers than about either action or strategy. Experiment in Practice mode to get an idea of what's going on, then play around in Sandbox mode (or face off against a friend) to pit various army combinations against one another to see how the rounds play out.

Controls: use mouse on the main menu. Player 1 uses WASD as arrows, Q/E to add/remove units. Player 2 uses IJKL as arrows, O/U to add/remove units. When both dropships are full, mechs can be set up, after which the battle takes place.

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Nice Work

Liked the intro very war like once i got how to use the controls it was sweet i let the ai fight the 1st time then i kicked its ass fun game i hope it goes the way i think it will but yeah great fun can kill some time with this mabey your next one has more ops maby lauching nukes or something that can change game play but yeah great fun cant wait to see want you guys di next.


very nice. At first i had a little trouble understanding the controlls, but soon I realized the wasdqe were used for everything. Also it does require higher difficulty settings, becuase i choose a full group of vehicles and still one. But everything else that I found wrong has been said. perhaps a second version will be made?

DeLeonGames responds:

Thanks for the feedback, Arbiter. The higher difficult comes in the form of exploring Sandbox / Head-to-Head mode, first seeing if you (or a friend) can come up with a combination which you're unable to counter. Between the unpredictability of the match and the interface partially concealing the other player's choices, the intensity of Head-to-Head is in trying to pick a counter loadout while the other player is picking their loadout, since neither would be willing to finish first then let the other player pivot on that. After that, it's up to AI/Gear adjustments and luck, with tweaks to team compositions between battles.


I liked.
You are on the way to create a great game.
Good Work.

DeLeonGames responds:

Thanks LinkAraujo! Our team appreciates the kind note.

ummm, good AT FIRST

at first i was amazed, i loved the load screen. I especially loved the idea that the mechs use radioactive isotopes to extrapolate the date. What i hated about this was its OVER SIMPLICITY. Other than being a 2 player game, its overly short and gets boring Fast. 6/10

DeLeonGames responds:

Aye, sorry that it did not stick with you :/

One of the challenges that we faced with creating this concept is that by trying to appeal to both action and strategy play, we risk not being action-packed enough for action players (too much time/reading/thinking while setting up in menus) and at the same time not being strategic enough for strategy players (due to too little time/depth while setting up in menus). We tried to strike a balance, though we recognize that no matter where it fell in the continuum there would be plenty of people wishing it was further in one direction or the other.


Very Interesting

You sir made me discover a new type of game or art or call it whatever you want but this is BRILLIANT.

DeLeonGames responds:

Thank you!

Credits & Info

4.23 / 5.00

May 1, 2011
5:41 PM EDT