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Akuma kills sandbag

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Hiya everyone, it's me again and it's been awhile since i've put anything up here. I've been working on two new flashes that I hope to finish soon. they are my best work and I hope you enjoy them but for now here's something I worked on awhile back but never uploaded it was for a collab that might or might not have failed, i'm unsure, but it's collecting dust in my animations folder and I want to share it with you all!

the collab called for no music so I didn't use any, as well as keep it around thirty seconds. enjoy! :D

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i can see nice editing in this flash and pontential to make a great longer animation, with this style.

that said, i gave you a 9/10.

but its not simply on this flash, its for its impact into a collab
this flash alone is missing key features but put into a collab it is very nicely done and is sure to stand out

Does anyone ever read the review title anyway?

What ever happened to making animations with plot? Why is he mashing on the sandbag? This video feels kind of fake to me. Much of it was not created by you, merely pasted in there. Same goes for the sound effects. All and all its not terrible. But if you're really looking to make flash that people enjoy, its gotta be more original. And its gotta have plot! Keep making shit...

SXR123 responds:

well, at least you gave me a better score then that flower person. I know what you mean, like I said this was for a collab my next two flashes will be much more animated and much one will have a little speaking between each other before they start to brawl. I'll have them finished quickly


You know what, considering the animation style, this movie was actually really good! I can tell that you put plenty of time and effort into this. I've never seen any of your animations before, but if you have any, I'll bet they're really good. Nice touch of comedy at the end, too.

Pretty good

But here are the reasons why you get a 4

-Too short

-No music

-Alot more improvement on walking

Hope that helps :D

SXR123 responds:

and now my response

- Too short- because the collab had a maximum of thirty seconds.

-no music- the collab called for no music. said that in the description.

-Alot more improvement on walking- what do you mean by that? the only walking was him running into the middle of the screen and he was running there.

I think if anything that four should be an eight. if you're going to review a flash make sure to look at everything, the description most importantly. two things you said was wrong with it was explained in the description.