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Oooo Tom thanks for Frontpage! <3

This isn't your typical Pico Day toon. After last years submission, people responded really well to seeing Adult-Pico in a different, more realistic setting. This year, I tried taking it one step further, putting him into a bizarre epic adventure. Go big or go home right?

Also, i really wanted to do something that was like indiana jones/uncharted but in space, so that's kind of where this came from. It kind of just worked out to put Pico in there.

Happy Pico Day! I hope you like it :)

To be concluded - Pico Day 2012



That was pretty sweet meng.


Now that was incredable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't wait for the conclusion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great artwork so far, fine job from the sound departement and I love the storyline so far. To be honest, I enjoy those Raiders of Space more then this strange movie about a crystall skull... I forget the name...

Whatever, I'm curious how this adventure will end. The atmosphere is kinda similar to the old game "The Dig", which I really liked back in the 90ties.
Good work, the only thing I find to criticize are the missing subtitles - those would help from time to time.


I loved it! The story , the voice acting , the animation style! I loved it all. Great job can't wait for the sequel!

Ehh....is this really meant for Pico Day?

It seems more like a rip off of Mass Effect.

No offense though, you did a very 'GOOD' job animating. It's just the situation and scenery reminded me strongly of a few cutscenes from the game.

But it seems like you initially created a story not meant for Pico.

The only real connection is that photo of a 'Brown Haired' Pico with Nene and P-Bot.

It seems like this was an original story concept meant for another character, but you saw it as a chance to pass it off as a Pico Day submission.

Please don't be offended by that statement. Because you still earn high marks for the flash is amazingly well done, the voices were excellent, and use of perspective is very hard to pull in flash.

But it seems like you don't know the initial 'theme' that people try to capture in Pico Day. It's all about Pico & his friends which could fall under a variety of scenarios but often are reflective on the animator's style and or humor. But it usually consists of action, comedy, tragedy, and even porn relating to the story of Pico's past or lifestyle. But Tom has also allowed that any core characters that started Newgrounds may be the main topic as well. Basically boils down to Pico, Tank-Men, Dad & Me, and the Robots of the Portal.

Now...unless in 2012 they'll be an explanation as to why Pico is suddenly an astronaut then by all means. continue the flash.

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Apr 30, 2011
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