Newgrounds: Retaliation

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3 Bronze Skulls 25 Points

Get Bronze or better on all 3 Arenas

3 Silver Skulls 50 Points

Get Silver or better on all 3 Arenas

3 Gold Skulls 100 Points

Get Gold or better on all 3 Arenas

3 Platinum Skulls 100 Points

Get Platinum or better on all 3 Arenas

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

Angry Faic is leading a group of misfits and miscreants through Newgroundsville! Take control of Pico and put an end to their reign of terror! Fight in one of 3 different Arenas for as long as you can. Go for the highest score on the leaderboards or just try to get past 10 waves to get a Platinum medal for that level.

Blast different types of Villains from different Newgrounds flash games and movies; Uber Kids from Pico, Thingy Majigs from Chibi Knight, FBI agents from Alien Hominid and the Spiders from The Fancy Pants Adventures.

Get power-ups, jump up walls and slide around and shoot the enemies behind you Action Movie style! There are a selection of ways to go about navigating the Arenas and killing your foes.

Patch v1.1 (12/May/2011):
- Lowered Platinum requirement for Arenas down to Wave 8 (instead of 10).
- Lowered "requirement" for Secret Medal (Hint: you must complete a certain "special" wave).
- Added the ability to shoot while in the air.
- Added menu for customising controls (press [S] while near Tom in the main area).
- Fixed fast fingers so it works while on walls and running.
- Made shooting while running faster.
- Increased Power-up drop chance to 20% (up from 15%).
- Increased Uber Kids run speed slightly.


Very interesting.

Reminds me a whole lot of Autumn War: Survivor. You have an interesting control interface, being able to slide and shoot, wallclimb and all that. It makes it awkward to shoot, but it certainly makes it feel cinematic. However, much like Survivor, the controls and gameplay feel extremely sluggish, and Pico is really floaty when you're trying to bust some ass.

Graphics, sounds and such are alright, as are visuals. However, there's times where the AI does very stupid stuff like go the long way to find you, or quit following you because you moved two feet. This made a lot of levels really, really, stale rather than intense like I was hoping for.

Most games have upgrades and MOAR WAPONZ. This doesn't. Which compounds the pretty shoddy gameplay. You could do some very simple tweaks and have a playable, action packed game. Which would be awesome.

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Got really boring really fast.

I got through the first arena and was not at all compelled to go on. It's the same very tedious gameplay with very tedious enemies. Was very well put together, just not fun for very long.

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Is there a shop to get new weapons? Its a fun game but it would be more fun with the mouse doing the shooting and no fall damage.


the control is neither bad nor laggy, stop act like a little bitch
the programmer tries to make it a little bit realistic and that's why you have delay (the degree is about 0.1second) whenever u command any action
i know you still dont understand, an example:
when u crouched down, if you press [up] and then [left] or [right], you wont move left or right instantly, you have to wait for him to stand up first
another example,
when u wall jump, you cant press and hold [s] and jump frequently, you have to wait for him to completely stick on the wall first.

pretty solid engine you've got here.

The story was well thought out. The game runs at a decent speed if you adjust the quality to low.(still a bit too slow though, but almost reasonable) The whole wave system added a good challenge. Although I bumped into 2 glitches the last spider in wave 10 crawled into the ceiling (school upper left) and got trapped there and one time I bumped into an uncollectable power up.

Overall it was pretty good.I like your Pico redesign too.

the badguys can shoot at each other so if your surrounded duck!

a safe point in the school is at the bottom right side of the stage under the ledge keep hopping on the wall (hold downs S) until you recooperate

(common sence) if you have the higher ground on a hill you have a slight advantage

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Credits & Info

3.52 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
10:29 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun

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