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Pico's Musical experience

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fail 5 Points

Get a score of 0 in the first level, maybe you need a bit of practice

fun time 5 Points

Enter in the office and start the real game

I am not a troll 5 Points

Read the instructions

I am sinistar 5 Points

Look at the small art gallery at the end of the game

level one 5 Points

Complete the first level

level two 5 Points

Complete the second level

replay 5 Points

I love this game so I want to play again

stable pressure 5 Points

Controls the medals you can unlock in this game

time to say goodbye 5 Points

Watch 5 minutes the credits

cosmonaut 10 Points


level three 10 Points

Complete the third level

private 10 Points

Get a score of 325 in the first level

super fail 10 Points

Get a score of 0 in the second level, ok I think that this game is not for you, stop play immediately!

captain 25 Points

Get a score of 730 in the second level

game completed 25 Points

Complete the game!

mega fail 25 Points

Get a score of 197 wrong notes in the third and final level, if you still 0 stop playing this game and go away to buy a sandwich!!

general 50 Points

Get a score of 860 in the third level, this could be quite difficult

timing 50 Points

Wait 3600 seconds in the main menu, what?, maybe there's a trick!

keeper of secrets 100 Points

Use all your skills to get this medal, you will need patience and calm, NOTE: if you press tab or cheats you can not unlock this medal forever!

sailor moon 100 Points

The moonlight lights up the galaxy

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Author Comments

This is one of my best games that I created and with many medals, I started in late december and I finished in april so I worked hard on this!, this is a rhythm game so you'll need your keyboard, your fingers and your mouse.
The instructions and everything you need to know are in the game, that's all, have fun and Happy Pico day 2011!

-game version 1.0.1, added more time in each level, bug fixed!
-medals have been approved!, thanks newgrounds staff!
-NOTE: this game works best in Firefox!!
-some people say that this game is impossible, try to play in firefox
-thanks for the FRONT PAGE Tom, you're the best!!
-game version 1.0.2
-added more time for each level
-I made the medal called Keeper of secrets easier to get, now even if you press TAB you can also get that medal.

This game contains many secrets, you'll find them all and unlock all the medals?
This game is 12 mega, I'm sorry for this.
If you find any bugs please send me a PM
If you find any bugs CLOSE THE GAME and replay

PLEASE, recommend it for the Rhythm game collection!

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on level two it sound like death by glamour awesome game

Enjoyable game, although there are a couple of cheats one can make use of! Can anyone give a hint as to the remaining medals??

would have been a lot cooler if the actual keys were synced with the music, i would have actually played instead of key mashing for the medals

After doing a full medal run some time ago, I couldn't leave without making a review on this thing.

It deserves a 2 at most given all those failures I list below:

- Size is colossal for such a simple game.
- Gameplay itself is obnoxious. Just keep the damn arrow keys pressed or just press them as fast as you can, there's ZERO PENALTY for pressing any key anytime.
- Speaking of obnoxiousness, there are those medals with stupid requirements based on pixelhunt and/or hidden buttons, makes the whole thing more frustrating than it should be.
- The whole setting is quite bogus and I see almost no connection with the actual Pico universe. No guns, no nothing. Just a rhythm game that casts Pico and his friends in their school.

It's also reeeeally boring and animations play no role other than annoying the player off.

As a suggestion to the author: Try to be more creative - Provide INTERACTION between characters and the environment. Also, just forget about hidden pixel medals. They're just a proof of supreme lazyness.

this game is so damn easy by just holding up down left and right all togheter and the things just dissapear like you got them correct.

Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

Apr 30, 2011
6:01 AM EDT

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