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hand animation test.

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Apr 29, 2011 | 7:54 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Well, after doing those stupid final fantasy animation back in the day two thousand and... maybe 3... or 4 2004 ? Can't remember exactly, looks like i'm already getting old :D ! I'm just making fun of myself attempting to animate one original character i created with the help of some tutorials about animation, if you want to see more of my hand drawing work (mostly black n'white) here's my blog adress : http://imaginalex.over-bl (don't know if it's allowed to put a link here, hope i don't get beaten to death for this... )

Sorry if my english is kind of crappy, i'm belgian and my native langage is french.

As you can see i even forgot how to input the newgrounds logo before the flash begins, what a lazy old ass i am, my brain must be full of holes... (Please dont ask me doing another Final fantasy matrixed episode i won't do it, because... well... i was young and stupid and i had fun doing it laughing my ass off everytime i watched that pile of crap, and became a bit more ashamed of it year after years, but still, it makes me laugh everytime i'm looking at it and remember me some good old time showing it to my friends at school being proud of that stupidity :D ! )

And, no, as you can see i'm not dead yet, even if many of you wish i was after seeing my old flash animations. XD


Well, it's weird, the running animation was faster on my computer after publishing and is slow as hell here, definately not knowing how to optimize flash exports...



Rated 5 / 5 stars

well done!

Amazing animation! it frame by frame as I understand?


Thank you, really noob to hand drawing animation, so Yeap, it is frame by frame, at 30 fps with some frames skipped times to times.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's really good

I do not like, however that you put a test on here. I wouldnt mind if this was an easter egg or somthing when the actual movie comes out, but..... meh. at least it's GOOD.


I'm sorry if the fact that i had to test how the resolution and how the actual animation was behaving on internets, i guess i'll spend some time on the forums asking for help, it's time to improve Flash skills to animate my stupid ideas and be less of a noob :D

*counting on it's own fingers* Still have to... Know how to animate jumps... and not only one, different kind of them... two or three facial animations... Add sound in a format that let the file be light and not cumbersome / heavy to run, for this one looks like it was'nt a good idea to just copy / paste vectorial drawings from illustrator CS3 to flash and adjust them...

Well, i have a lot of questions, that i will ask on forums, not bothering here <.<

Not that i don't think u can help just, that it's maybe missplaced, well, as missplaced it was to submit an animation test. sorry.